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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How To Shop When You Are Lazy

Dear team,

For today the idea of Blogtember is to share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop... well that is going to be odd... I actually like shopping in real shops where I get to experience shopping will all my senses - I can touch the fabric, I can smell the fresh book (YES! I am one of those weird people who smell a book before they buy it! So what! You try it and tell me if they all smell the same! :p), I can see the difference of nuance between diferent types of green and blue and I can pick the perfect blouse and I can even taste samples of cookies in the cookie shop in order to figure which one I like best :) It has its pluses! Not to mention you get to exercise and you bump into friends by chance :)
It is also true that it has its downside... in front of the laptop/pc/tablet/iPad/iPhone... or whatever technology you have... you can be even undressed and dirty as a pig and noone will know (ok! I never do that, but I do know some people who - while at home - like to be free)... not to mention that you have the option to deliver the goods at your door (this will always come in handy when buying large volumes, for example also when buying electronics).
 My fav shop here in Poland is Empik :) Here I usually buy books (mostly in Polish but they do have in English too, but not such a big range as the second shop I will tell you about ;) trust me! I checked!), movies (both dvd and blu ray are available) and cd's with original music (here I managed to buy Josh Groban latest cd, and trust me, I had problems finding it anywhere else...).
They do have the version of the site in English but there are options that you will still have to Google them in order to understand them ;) but one you get through them all once it will be ok as the site is pretty simple, logic and intuitive. What you will need to do is create an account and in time you will even recieve discounts on items in the shop. The options of paying are by card or when you will pick up the package. The transport for the package - to your door - is included in the price (I mean it is free!) if you have more than 5 items in the cart, so choose wisely! If not, you can choose the Empik store nearest to you and you can pick it up from there.

The second shop - that specialises in English written books - is The American Bookstore. I must admit I never ordered it online through them but I have heard only good things about them. Not to mention that at least once a month I am visiting their shop in Galeria Krakowska - second floor, near the Food Court. Each time I get there I cannot help buying a book. They always have good prices and discounts and the ladies who work there are just awesome and they keep you always up to date. And if you would rather have a hardcopy version than a paperback or the other way around the ladies will ask for your phone number and they will text you or call you when they would have it :) Now I say that is Customer Care!

The sad part is that here in Poland I do not actually use a lot of online shops... in Romania I had a fav shop online - called Breslo :) This is where my earring collection started and multipled each time I would go online and see something new :) And it was all Ioana's fault for showing me it :p

I will show you one of my most frequented shops there: Nahoot :) It has a couple of the sweetest earrings you ever seen and the people back here in Poland fell in love with my earrings and I had to buy some and give as presents for my dear ones here in Krakow :)

Just look at these lovely earrings :) You can find them to buy here and they are only 16 RON (and basicly we ar speaking as many zloty as 1 RON almost equals 1 zloty).

Another one shop that I truly enjoy is Raven :) And I will show you one of my latest purchases from her:

My set was a bit different as instead of the 2 green balls for earring I had cameos that matched the one from the necklace. I wore it to one of my friends wedding along with my little black dress.

Again the order is easy to place and you just need to make an account. The problem is that it is a fully Romanian site and that it has no option for english users... I am really sorry :( It is kind of like Etsy, tell you the truth! And if we speak of Etsy, I think that 2 shops are growing on me: MadeWithSmile and EarringsFactory :) MadeWithSmile has similar products and has the same idea on the shop display and products as Nahoot has :) and I am glad I found this shop as it is just adorable! Not to mention that the lady that do
es them is based in Poland ;) The second shop is also based in Poland (in Wroclaw) and it specialises in earrings, of course, as the title shows. Let me show you one of my fav pairs right now, that are in my list ;) The lady who is the shop owner specialises in the decoupage technique.

She works with silver, glass and metal and makes the image on both sides :) The price is around 34 zloty + transport, of course, but she has the most awesome little darlings ever! With picture of artists, books, movie, works of art that everyone know... for example with "The Kiss" by Klimt ;) And if you know not what I speak of, please Google and you shall love it, love it, love it! :)

**I did not receive anything for these reviews/publicity. I am just spreading the love**

Yours truly,
The Earring Lover (as you very well can see also via this post) The LadyBug :p

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