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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Dear friends,

It looks like we are half way through the Blogtember :)
Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

Oh... if it would be just one that would be an easy task... But if I would choose one I would choose the time in New York with one of my best friend :) It was for a day but it was intensive and fun and full of emotions.
We managed to go to the Empire State Building and to the Ground Zero - where the 2 towers used to sit... We even took a ferry to Staten Island and we saw The Statue from afar - and I was surprised of how small it was! Truly I thought it would be bigger... but hey! I guess that is Hollywood putting ideas in our heads ;)

I loved that day... it was sunny and we were all in a great mood :) And I must admit I loved NYC and I did not feel it was crowded. It is true, everything is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger there! but I do not think I could get lost in that city :) When we went down from The Empire my friends were confused over which way Ground Zero would be but I immediately point it out :) One thing I am proud of is the fact that God granted me great space-orientation skills :) even in fresh/new/never before seen places, I would still be able to find my way home. You may say I have an internal compass that leads me home ;)

I would love to relive that day - it was one of the best ones from my stay in the United States :) I saw so many things and I have lived so many emotions there that I would love to come back one day and do that route again - obviously with the same people ;) as I love them dearly!

Yours truly,
The NYC Lover LadyBug

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