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Friday, 13 September 2013

Practically Perfect (In Every Way!)

Dear honey bun sugar plums :*

I hope you had a wonderful week because guess what?! It's FRIDAY! :) Weekend is here! so I hope you all are ready for a lot of fun and another post from Blogtember :) I am on a roll here and I am happy I could participate this month - fingers crossed for me as I would like not to miss one topic (as you can see I blog daily, so no chance to miss it on that note... hope I can make it though and that I will pass the uncomfortable idea of being asked to do or to say something that I did not... Oh! Did you catch that?! It was a FEAR!)

[Mary Poppins measures herself with her tape measure and reads what
  it says]
Mary Poppins: As I expected. "Mary Poppins, practically perfect in
  every way."

Well it was easy picking up a selfie as I had the tendency of taking a lot of them when I was traveling alone - comes as a habit... what can I say?! The mirror, the shop window or even a puddle after the rain is the perfect thing for me - as long as the reflection is fine, I can be satisfied! :)

I took this picture in London, while I was there with one of my best friends from Poland :) We went for a couple of days in London and it was my first time there. We went last year and it was magically perfect for me. I must say that I would love to live in London - at least for a while... That city has so many things to offer for everyone! No matter the age/size/color/preferences/view in life/education or you name what!

The Portraiture was done while going to Camden City (I think! If I remember right...) in the tube :) In the wonderful thing we call London Underground! I wanted to do a picture in the window right next to me and catch my reflection inside the tube (as it was so crowded that I did not dear ask my friend to take a pic) but I never thought I would like the result that much :) It makes me think of Harry Potter and the Dementors - it looks like my soul is being sucked out...

Oh! But you may ask why I choose the title... well... when I was looking on this picture, except awesome Harry Potter & Dementors my mind went to Mary Poppins and I thought immediately of her... Come on! While in London - if you ever were little and watched the movie with Julie Andrews - you cannot help connecting things with Mary :) And when I looked at this picture I thought: "Oh! Dear me! I am Practically Perfect In Every Way!" :) if I can take a picture like that with that effect without it being modified at all, than I must have a chance in having wonderful pictures :)

Hey! But guess what?! We are ALL Practically Perfect! In Every Way! :*

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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