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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Remembering: Lazy Sunday With Pretty Dogs

Dear friends,

Sorry it took me so long to post these pictures also but I was so setup on Blogtember that I figured I would just post regular posts in the weekends. These pictures were taken on the very first Sunday of this month :) We had different plans and discussions over what to do in that day - we were supposed to go shopping but we had a busy day Friday (in Warsaw, as you well know :p) and we had guests in Saturday so we were settled just for a walk in the city center.

But guess what?! Somewhere in the morning our good friend called and asked if we would not like to have a walk as she was going to take the dog out for a walk. For your info, she has an insane but fine specimen called Grafit :) And I must say she selected the name very fitting to him - he is as black as a graphite!

So we met up and went for a walk in the park - actually the walk ended in around 4 hours of sun and warmth and friends and fun time and a bunch of lovely dogs around us, sniffing and barking and running and jumping and occasionally doing other stuff that shall not be mentioned on the blog (blushing...).

You will observe a bunch of pictures (you know... the ones I started the blog with...) with an adorable pug :) He was the smallest dog in the park yet he was running around and chasing everyone. He was clearly in high spirits! And there were a bunch of hunting dogs that really know how to run, and he - with those tiny and chubby legs - were right after them - of course, 1 meter or 2 behind ;)))

This is my adorable friend Magda :* with Graffiti :)
Picture taken by Fifi :)
Basking in the sun :)

I actually fell in love very much with this dog, though I have no clue whatsoever what breed it is... If you guys know, please tell me... Looks like a hunting dog, quite fast, loved the reddish brown spots on the legs <3

Doggies having fun time! :)

See how nicely they get along?! :)

Et voila! That was a lovely Sunday well spent :) We had fun, we had sun and it felt like the Autumn I would like to have each day :) Love also the idea of parks created especially for dogs, so they would have a place to play. The fences are well kept and they are mostly covered with plants - more green stuff <3 and you have sand places and you have grassy places and you have regular pavement and they can run around without leash and be free with other dogs, without hearing people shout and makes noise that dogs should always wear a leash...

Yours truly,
The LadyBug that loves dogs :*

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