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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Story Time

Dear friends,

Here is the Blogtember topic for the day:

Thursday, September 19: Creative writing day: write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: "To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century."
 So here we are again...

To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century. The fact that HE would be there just left me senseless and thinking of it made me feel butterflies in my stomach and a weary ache in the place I used to have a heart. The fact that HE would probably bring HER was also tearing me to pieces. Seeing them together, happy, was more than I could bare... You would say that I am selfish, that if HE was happy than I should feel happy for him too. You would say that I should take and example and see what HE did with his life and I should do the same. Oh! Bollocks! That is utter nonsense and if you will ever be in my position you will see that words like this are like as soothing as patting a sailor on his dead leg eaten by a whale. Let's face it! When you are in my position you want revenge, you want pain, you want suffering! You want the other person to be as hurt as you are (OK... maybe even worse!). The sad part is I feel like that but when I see him it all goes away and I think only of the happy times we had together and that makes me crawl back to bed and get my tissues and cry some more. But not today! Not this time! I decided to be brave and attend this dinner party if it was the last thing I would do in this bloody life!
The fact that I had been invited to the dinner party was not a surprise for me as I was my aunts favorite. The fact that my aunt invited his parents was not a news as we were closely related. But when I heard that he will also be attending just threw me off course. A tsunami of questions went rushing through my head: will he actually be coming? will he bring her along? are they engaged already? are they happy? will they be seated next to me? will I have to talk to them? to him? about what? - and that was not the end, unfortunately... After all the typical questions I realized that everything I have in my wardrobe would just not fit the occasion. I mean it would and I dearest auntie and my lovely family would adore me in anything I would wear, but he would be there! And I so wanted to bust that lady's arse by outshining her! But wait! Would that mean I would have to also get a partner for the dinner?! Oh, bummer! I did not consider that! If I would come there alone I would show that I did not get past the breakup... or would it mean that I consider myself as independent and I need no men?! Tricky case we have here... That calls for: Girlfriends-Emergency-Tree!!!
 Oh! Tell me not that you do not have one! Every girl should! Let me tell you about it, as it is a simple yet effective concept. When you are in a group of girls - really old friends that stayed with you in both good times and bad times, the girls that you went partying with and you were not ashamed to be seen with, the girls that hold your hand when you were crying, that you discussed the color of the wedding dress of your dreams and the fact that you are secretly in love with the queer older guy in the arts class, the girls you went traveling with and even though they would bitch and whine over the length and the breath of the walks they would still appreciate the things you seen together and at the end of the day you would still be friends, no matter what! - you need to have a backup for hard situations when you need comfort. The Girlfriends-Emergency-Tree is just for that! It has a Tree Leader who informs the other members of "the case" and they come with a plan to get their friend out of misery - be it a night out in a club, a movie night (usually period drama movies) cuddled with ice cream and cupcakes/muffins and huge boxes of tissues, a pajama party with the latest issues of Marie Claire/Elle/Cosmopolitan/Vogue and home made non alcoholic drinks (OK! Maybe just a bit of champagne!) or even a trip (blindfolded) to a weird and unknown place :) The Tree Leader can be called at any hour and the team must reply to the leader immediately! 
So that is how I called Magda at 2 am in the early morning... I was fighting with myself not to call her and just let her sleep until the morning - hey! She needs that sleep! She has 2 feisty twins that are driving their nannies insane so that Magda cannot keep them more than a year... I am afraid that she will run out of nannies soon and than The Tree will have to figure something out fast. But now I could not help it... I needed help! And fast! It was Thursday morning - 2 am - and I had the dinner at Friday - 7 pm. I could not waste any more time and if I wanted to get things done fast I would need a lot of help - not to mention that at the moment my brain was shattered and I could not focus on even replying to my aunts letter. Being late was totally unacceptable for her so I needed to answer this morning. I would have said YES! in a heartbeat but then my brain reminded me that he would not be alone. So I picked up the phone and I called Magda... Of course she was sleeping! With her calm and soothing voice that I always loved she told me that she will call the girls and be there as soon as she can. Oh! That girl can do some magic or what?! After talking to her for almost half an hour I managed to get some rest and woke up by the bell at the entrance somewhere around 6 am in the morning. The butler was prompt and asked me if I was expecting anyone and he hurried to usher in my awesome ladies :) 
Oh! And were they not a sight for sore eyes... Magda was the first one in, locking me in her arms with a tight embrace. Patty was right behind, with a huge Mumm Champagne and a smile so big it shone like diamonds. Emma and Lizzie were arm in arm and carrying their huge and frightening "little" black books - oh, they are just the epitome or organized human beings! Caroline and Alexandra were right after them, bringing some weird boxes, stacked one upon another... Oh! It was obviously they had a plan and they were going to make it work - they already had me convinced at "Hello Darling!" :) My rescue team was here and they would make me shine...
Hope you liked it ;) and if you want me to continue, do tell :p
Yours truly,
The Writer For A Day LadyBug :)

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