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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Last Post Of Blogtember - I DID IT!!!

Dear sweet readers,

Thank you for sticking with me this lovely September while I joined Jenni in her awesome idea of Blogtember :) Here is to the last post: "Monday, September 30: Share a photo of something old. Maybe something that has personal history for you, that was passed down to you, and that has special meaning to you. Tell us about it and why it's special."

I wondered for a long time what to write and to show on this subject... I wish I would have something terribly old and something that would WOW! you all but all I can share that is really old is memories. The oldest things I own and that I keep with me wherever I move (and that I brought with me, here, in Poland) are a picture of my grandparents from a place in the mountains, where we used to go each year for holidays - Sovata :) I love this picture very much and even though I have another picture of them and my mother I need to see them both hanging on my wall each day. When I look at them I see how time passed yet somehow my Granny and Grandfather did not change.

The picture was taken the year I was born - in 1986 - in July - just a day after my sisters birthday :) I always loved how my Granny dresses up. She almost never weares pants and she prefers dresses and 2 piece sets with colors that would match her. She is always chic and loves to wear a good perfume and matches the bag with the shoes. When she was younger she had red hair and she kept it like that for a long while after it started to turn white - yes! I know! It was my fault for stressing her... I admit! I was quite a pain in the arse and I still am - even my fiancee admits it ;) My Grandfather is an awesome person and he is the one who brought the economical skills flowing through my veins. He is an accountant and he let me "play" and add his columns of data when I was small. I know it is weird but I loved seeing them add up and seeing that my Grandpa was proud :)

Another beloved treasure of mine (and my sisters, but I secretly stole it away last time I was home ;p) are the 4 comic books with Asterix and Obelix. My fiancee is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of A&O and even has a plan of a tattoo with them - he knows where but not when... but he is thinking about that most of the time :) I heard that tattoos can be addictive so he already has one so he wants more now :) But back to my comic books... I loved Asterix and Obelix since I was small :) and also Panoramic (the druid) and Idefix (the cute small little white-black doggie that Obelix decides to adopt) and Caesar (who is always under despair by the gauls yet they get him out of a lot of trouble!) and Cacofonix (the no-voice bard who has a lot of ideas on writing songs but unfortunately he cannot perform them as he lacks the talent... and somehow, at the end of each comic book, when they have the great feast when A&O come victorious back from their journeys,  he end up tied up to a tree or God knows what! with his mouth shut... Poor thing :( he always made me sad!) and The Chief of the Gauls (that was very brave yet it had one great fear: that the sky will fall on their heads...)... Oh! I loved them! My Mum and Dad bought these comics for me and my sister when we were really small and we barely learned how to read. I remember how each comic book looked so very huge and the story seemed endless and it was full of fun and adventure!

My fav book was and always will be "Asterix and Cleopatra", It is the most worn out book out of my collection yet it never ceases to amaze me. Even by looking at it my face just turns into a huge grin. On the cover it writes (the comic books from Mum and Dad were in Romanian so we could learn how to read...): 'The greatest story ever drawn: 14 litres of Indian ink, 30 brushes, 62 pencils, 1 hard pencil, 27 erasers, 1984 sheets of paper, 16 typewriter ribbons, 2 typewriters, 366 pints of beer went into its creation!' This parody of the breathless publicity for Elizabeth Taylor's outing as Cleopatra sets the tone of exuberant satire and silliness for the story. But just imagine the look on our small little faces when we were reading that! 366 pints of beer!? 67 litres of beer?! WOW!

Anyway... just to see how huge fans me and my fiancee are... I started to make the A&O collection bigger by buying the comics now in Polish language - we have 4 of them now :) 4 Romanian vs 4 Polish - and guess what?! I bought the "Asterix and Cleopatra" in Polish :) Also we have the 6 DVD's with the cartoons made from the comics :) The comics and the DVDs were gifts to my fiancee at the early stages of our relationship :p from one fan to another :)

Well... that is how we roll... what can I say? :p

Hope to see you again here tomorrow, as we just finished the Blogtember but we have not finished the blog :p so stick around for more of me and my awesome other half :) Kisses and hugs !!!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :*

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