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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Warsaw StreetArt

Dear sweet hearts :)

The last two posts were about Warsaw and where you can have a decent cup of coffee and creme brulee :)
This time I will tell you/show you a bit of Warsaw and the StreetArt we encountered during our last Friday trip there. I bet there is more cool artsy stuff in Warsaw but this was all I bumped into and had a chance to take pictures of.

These 3 are - I think, because I tried to use almighty Google and he was no help in this case, to my surprise... - commercials on Warsaw being Green/Warsaw being Eco. And it is true! Come on! Krakow is the most polluted city in Poland, and as much as I am in love with Krakow, I can agree that Warsaw is a much cleaner city. It has way more parks and recreational spots. But forget that for a moment and just have a look at those lovely things above and below!!!

I think that using Chopin and The Mermaid - the symbols of the city was a stroke of genius :) They are shown as interacting in a green Warsaw :) How romantic and adorable at the same time! :)

The mermaid (syrenka) is Warsaw's symbol and can be found on statues throughout the city and on the city's coat of arms. This imagery has been in use since at least the mid-14th century. The oldest existing armed seal of Warsaw is from the year 1390, consisting of a round seal bordered with the Latin inscription Sigilium Civitatis Varsoviensis (Seal of the city of Warsaw). City records as far back as 1609 document the use of a crude form of a sea monster with a female upper body and holding a sword in its claws. In 1653 the poet Zygmunt Laukowski asks the question:
Warsaw of strong walls; why was the emblem Mermaid with sharp sword, given you by the kings?
—Zygmunt Laukowski
The Mermaid Statue stands in the very centre of Old Town Square, surrounded by a fountain. Due to vandalism, the original statue had been moved to the grounds of the Historical Museum of Warsaw – the statue in the square is a copy. This is not the only mermaid in Warsaw. Another is located on the bank of the Vistula River near Świętokrzyski Bridge and another on Karowa Street.
The origin of the legendary figure is not fully known. The best-known legend, by Artur Oppman, is that long ago two of Triton's daughters set out on a journey through the depths of the oceans and seas. One of them decided to stay on the coast of Denmark and can be seen sitting at the entrance to the port of Copenhagen. The second mermaid reached the mouth of the Vistula River and plunged into its waters. She stopped to rest on a sandy beach by the village of Warszowa, where fishermen came to admire her beauty and listen to her beautiful voice. A greedy merchant also heard her songs; he followed the fishermen and captured the mermaid.
Another legend says that a mermaid once swam to Warsaw from the Baltic Sea for the love of the Griffin, the ancient defender of the city, who was killed in a struggle against the Swedish invasions of the 17th century. The mermaid, wishing to avenge his death, took the position of defender of Warsaw, becoming the symbol of the city.
Every member of the Queen's Royal Hussars of the United Kingdom light cavalry wears the Maid of Warsaw, the crest of the City of Warsaw, on the left sleeve of his No. 2 (Service) Dress. Members of 651 Squadron Army Air Corps of the United Kingdom also wear the Maid of Warsaw on the left sleeve of their No. 2 (Service) Dress.

There you go! A piece of history just there :)

This writing on the wall was done on a church :o I know... Quite a shocker!

The sticker on the tree made me smile and think that air is indeed expensive but I bet the sticker is not doing any good to the tree - nor is it eco friendly (that is only my humble opinion!).

Ain't that cute?! A dog reaching for a flower :) I wanted to take a picture holding the leash but my fiancee looked funny at me so I decided to give it a rest (blushing...). Note to self: I must try not to take so many pictures as it pushes the patience of my awesome fiancee.

Oh! And this was funny to see! Near the Romanian Embassy there was John Lennon street and the art in purple above :) John's profile and the quote :) Quite nice!

Vandalizing or Freedom of Speech?!

This is one of the stickers both me and my fiancee really really really liked! It is a very good concept and play of words - makes you think of the small and yet huge difference between Adoption vs. Abortion! I, for one, do not agree with abortions. The child is blood of your blood and you need to take care of it!

We also found this Pac Man ;))) He was running loose on a stairway. I also spotted this building - colorful and rainbow-like and very appealing to the eye. It made me happy just by looking at it! Funny part is the fact that the building was in the City Center - somewhere near Palace of Culture - and it was a parking lot! A parking lot! Can you imagine that?! And it only costs 5 zloty per hour - really cheap for being in the city center ;) so in case you are in Warsaw and you need to park, I suggest that place :p

See what a beautiful color spot it makes?! My fiancee told me that the City Council agreed that old buildings that do not have nice facade's can let local artists take care of them and they will not have to pay taxes. The only thing they need to do is buy the things for the artists - like paint and such... Is that not a nice idea?! :)

I encourage you to have at least a 1 day trip to Warsaw. It is a city worth visiting. A city that is always alive and in which you will always have something to do or to see :) come on! I managed to pull 3 posts out of just one day in Warsaw...

Yours truly,
The Wars&Sawa Lover LadyBug :)

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