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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Where To Have A Break In Warsaw

Dear sugar plums,

Yesterday I started telling you about our short trip to Warsaw and I promised today I would show you the places where we went for a short break. Now I have to admit that we are newbies when it comes to Warsaw - this was my second time in Warsaw (I do not count the multiple times in which I landed to Chopin Airport - trivia: the airport handles just under 50% of the country's air passenger traffic in Poland) and my fiancee was here before a couple more times, but only in the city center, Embassy area also ;) So if you do know a better place in Warsaw or you have different opinions please do share!

I am perfectly aware of the variety of places one can wine and dine in Warsaw but we just went to these places by instinct/chance/need :) You will see below why and how ;)

We totally bumped into Charlotte by chance or instinct or the combination of the 2 :) I talked about Charlotte before so you know it is a place I like - and even my lovely fiancee agrees it is a very nice place and he started to love also the amazing creme brulee prepared there :) It is a sight for sore eyes and the taste is always excellent! The crust is just right (I always like to tap it and break it open, like it were ice, with the spoon...) and the cream is so smooooooooooooth and tasty... It simply melts into your mouth and feels like rainbows :)

Arriving at Charlotte at 7 am in the early morning, when they were just opening up was awesome! We were both a bit chilled so my fiancee had coffee and I had some really nice natural tea with lemon :) and of course the additional creme brulee - what?! did you think I would miss the opportunity to have one in Warsaw so I could compare with the one in Krakow?! No way!!! But guess what?! they are the same :) As tasty as I would have imagined :)

What I loved about the tea was the satchel in which the herbs resided. It was a real natural cotton-like satchel and you could see that there was nothing UN-natural about the tea <3

Check out the satchel!

So I am happy to know now the location of Charlotte in Warsaw :) We will definitely be back :) and it is nice to see that one of my fav places in Krakow has a branch in Warsaw - well... actually it was the other way around, I think, but you get the picture! ;p

  • Pl. Zbawiciela Warszawa, Pl. Szczepański Kraków
  • Warsaw, Poland

Everyday  07:00 - 00:00

One place that looked pretty nice though, turned out to be not that special as we would think: Delicja Polska. It is located near the Old City Center - Krakowskie Przedmieście 45. But I do not think I would go there again. We mainly went there because we wanted to stay outside, as it was such a warm and nice day, and my fiancee wanted to smoke. It was one of the few places with ashtrays so we picked it!

True, the place really looks pretty and I loved the table cloth and the arrangements and I also liked the small and colorful pillows places on each and every chair (see below picture).

My fiancee had a coffee (you know, as usual, as he just loves coffee - he is the only one in the house drinking it! I drink coffee only at weddings because I love the taste of it with milk in it...) and I had a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

The thing that bothered me was the presentation... I am not saying that the coffee and juice did not taste good or that they were not natural and so on... but for the money payed you would believe that they would make the presentation a bit more fancy...

Either way, we do not recommend that place but we do recommend Charlotte! All the way! :) Anytime!!!

With love,
The Creme Brulee Lover LadyBug :)

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