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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

7 Deadly Sins

Shane’s deadly sins link-up is so amazing that Tina from Like Ordinary Life went in and joined the game :) so through both of these 2 young and pretty ladies I am coming to the link-up as well. If you wanna join us, please do think of your sins and face your fears and share them with us :)
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Seven Great Things in Your Life
1. My family. I am proud of my parents and my grandparents and my sister and I would not have chosen a different family to be born in :)
2. My awesome fiancee - I am proud of him as he is extremely smart and wicked (in a good sense, that it!). I am proud he has so much patience he could move mountains :)
3. I am proud of the places I visited until now and the things I have learned from my travels alone but also in a group, with friends, with family or with my fiancee. Traveling pushes ones limits!
4. The fact that I made the JUMP!I made it and I came to live here, in Krakow - Poland. I am proud for not being afraid to make this step and I am happy that it brought me closer to my destiny :)
5. My friends- even though they are scattered all over the world, we still keep in contact through all the means possible (Blog, Facebook, Email, Skype... you name it! I got it ;) ) and they are always there for me.
6. My Blog - yes! I am! I am proud that I managed to start again the blog and I am happy I met so many awesome people though it. The Media environment may be addictive but it does put a smile on my face ;) Guilty as charged!
7. Our Book & Movie Collection :) Mine and my fiancee :) We could open a store :))) We just prefer to have the book/movie we love close in hand if we wanna re-watch/re-read it :) And in that way we also support the things we love and we consider good (P.S. I must admit I do have a quite extensive full shelve of DVDs with Period Movies).
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Seven Things You Lack and Covet
1.A Perfect Wedding, where everyone would be happy and have the  most awesome time ever! + the Perfect Wedding Photos... I know... I know... Everyone wants that!
2.A house/apartment with 3 rooms (4 would be brilliant... more space...) for my new family - I am thinking in advance: my fiancee and me + when the babies come they would need their place as well... right?!
3.Health! For me and my entire family + friends :) I wish them all the health in the world! And it would be so nice not to have any pains and weaknesses...
4.Winning At The Lotto Or Having Someone Donate Their Fortune To Me :p So I could go to point 5 ;)
5.Traveling The Whole World - Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America... even the North and South Pole! Heck! Yes! Everywhere the man can put its foot, I wanna be there! I wanna go there!
6.More time - to do all the things I would wish for... Yes... Who doesn't want to live forever?! Which brings me to number 7...
7. Better relationship with God... I somehow feel I am letting Him down...
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Seven Things that Make You Angry
1.The fact that I cannot have all the people I love and I want to have next to me in one place... I just wish I would have one big block of flats where I could put everyone my heart desires so they would be in walking range and I could just drop by whenever I wanted...
2.Queues and people who believe they can skip the line - because they know someone, because they payed, because they think they are slick and worth it, because they "have just one question"... yeah! right! And I was born yesterday!(yeah... I know my Bday was just a few days ago, but you get my meaning!)
3.Politicians - they tend to lie and lie and lie... and steal and think that they own the World!
4.People who think they own the world and think that they are kings and step on other people and destroy their souls and their life. People who care not of other people...
5.People who cannot forgive... There is a difference between forgiving and forgetting, my friends!
6.Tools that work slow, people who are slow... and disrupt my work and make schedules fall down and projects lost due to that... 
7.People who love/like to kiss other people arses in order to get better salary/different grade... you know... advancing in your career not based on your work and what you are work, but rather on how good friends and on what terms you are with the boss...
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Seven Things that You Neglect to Do
1.I never floss... I know, gross... But I would rather brush my teeth 1000 time than floss... that tiny string just scares me somehow... I know it tastes minty and nice but it does not help!
2.Work out... I always liked going to the gym... getting there is the issue. I loved the place where I used to do yoga for a year and it was the most awesome period for my muscles. I do it nowadays also very rarely... I somehow rather prefer reading or watching a movie or going out than doing that...
3.Steam/Iron Clothes - heck! If there is no need to do that, why bother with the heat :p
4.Cooking - I admit! I do not know how to cook! I know some basic things, like scrambled eggs (my fiancee loves my version of scrambled eggs and I am proud of that!) or like liver with onion and "mamaliga" (traditional Romanian dish) but other than that my fiancee does the "heavy cooking" :)
5.Talk to my Mum/Dad/Sister/Grandma/Grandpa more often... I wish I could talk to them everyday but somehow I always get caught up in work and the day to day things that I barely have any time left...
6.Analyzing every word and every situation and seeing things as either white or black...I need to remind myself on a daily basis that life is not just white and black there is also gray and when I mean gray I mean also different shades and ways in which one can look on life...
7.Talk to God - I know I should do it more often yet I catch myself at the end of the day without doing it...
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Seven Worldly Material Desires
1.A Perfect House for my fiancee and our new family :) It would be awesome if it would have a living attic and a real fireplace. With a garden and some trees, and a hammock. 
2.A puppy to go with the big house and he will be our protector ;)) Either a Husky or a Labrador or a Chow Chow or a Sharpei. Eh! Why not all of them?!
3.An unlimited amount of airline tickets for me and my extensive family + hosting at hotels/hostels all over the world to match it ;)
4.A photo course with specialists + new camera body + new lenses to go with that ;p
5.A lifetime supply of chocolate for my awesome fiancee as he is a huge fan of it :)
6. no ideas for number 6 and 7... maybe I do have but they just don't pop in my mind... Sorry! :(
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Seven Guilty Pleasures
1.Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Pinterest... you name it! Social Media Fan number 1!!!
2.Period Books <3
3.Period Movies
4.Star Wars - watching and re-watching it all over again ;)))
5.Snooze Button - yes... I am refraining myself really really really hard from not hitting it ;)
6.Josh Groban, Nolwenn Leroy and ZAZ for their amazing voices. They are heavenly!
7.Backstreet Boys - as they always remind me of childhood and my relationship with my sister. She loved Nick and I loved Howie and we would always fight it over who would get the posters ;)))
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Seven Things You Love About Love (I chose quotes)
1.You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Dr. Seuss
2.1 Corinthians 13 - go check it out :) It is my all time favourite passage of the Bible! I fell in love with it since I was a little child and I knew not much of the world :)
3.Being my fiancee's best friend and him being my better half :)
4.Falling asleep in my fiancee's arms...
5.Staying up late and talking about how we met, what we did in the day that passed or preparing things for next day or next weekend or next week or the wedding or all at once :p
6.Having long weekend walks and sharing thoughts <3 My favourite part of the week, tell you the truth!
7.Knowing that if you will waiting for your knight in shining Armour there is a fair chance that he is out there and he is involuntarily looking for you too! :)
If you’d like to link up please go to Shane's blog, it's right over here!

Yours truly,
The Sinful LadyBug

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