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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Art Everywhere - Even In Fruits

Dearest honey buns,

Last weekend we had my fiancee's sister visiting. That was fun as on Saturday there was really nice weather, sunny and clear. We waited for her in Galeria Krakowska - as she was coming here from studies - and while waiting we went to this Carving Contest.
The nice thing about Galeria Krakowska is that every weekend there is something going on - some expo, some contest, some show... they keep the public coming in this way and if people take pictures and show them around on their page/blog, that is free advertising ;) Smart guys!
This time there was a carving contest - in fruits and vegetables. And the Chef's did their best in the time frame of one hour to make the most awesome carving. I must admit I like very much some of them. As you may have noticed, I really was impressed by this guys carving tools. His set looked so awesome I just had to squeeze myself through the people and the judges and take a shot :)
Also the guy who had the awesome carving tools kit made this snake popping out of the pumpkin :) It was quite a nice one... wait... that is actually a cobra, so excuse me for the mistake :p
This guy had several diplomas and contests won already so you can read/see that in the picture below. He was quite talented and fast but not very communicative to the public - he had more of an attitude of "bitch please, I am fabulous and I know it very well!" and I hate that so much...
But he DID make nice carvings... Just look at the pumpkin and the watermelon above...
And he DID pay a lot of attention to what he was doing...
I loved the headsets this guy did for his watermelon but I did not get to see the finished work :(
And also in the florist shop inside the gallery they decorated with small pumpkins and these 2 huge ones :)
After all the watching we had a run through the gallery and had a sit, and I made some undercover shots of my cute fiancee :) He did not mind ;p
Then we went to watch some more...
And we had some refreshments which were immediately gone ;)))
And I watched also the spectators...
And then I went again for a quick round down while my fiancee remained up to have a better view and not be crowded :) More space - more air to breathe - and I could take as many photos I wanted ;)
They were almost near the end :)
Beautiful, is it not?! :) Though I would have liked more colors...
I liked these 2 melons a lot and they were really really quickly done ;)
This one was my fiancee's favourite ;)
This one I really liked and I took like 100 pictures from different directions. It had details, it had colors and it was pretty quickly done! Way to go there sir ;)
Intensive work...
Look who's watching there?! :p
And my fiancee liked the music man also ;) I am sorry I did not get a closeup as it was pretty far off...
And there she was :) Just in front of Empik! :) Meeting time :p My fiancee's sister was there and we were off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard Of Oz... Kidding :p but it went well, did it not?! :)
Such a cute brotherly meeting ;)))
More about Saturday will be brought to you morrow :) As we had a very long and nice and sunny day ;)

Yours truly,
The Artsy LadyBug

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