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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumn Fairy

Dear friends,

I must admit Autumn does wonders :) Sometimes, when the weather is just right and the sun is shining and the leaves are in a thousand colours things feel just right :) Not to mention I love Autumn as it is the season for going nuts ;)))
Nuts are always good as the skin on your hands tens to crack due to the rapid change in temperature yet the iodine in the nuts helps the skin repair :) I know it is very inconvenient as at the beginning they are juicy and they get your hands dirty when you try to break them, even when wearing surgical gloves!
Under the moonlight the creatures all glare
At a beautiful Fairy with rich Autumn hair
She crunches the leaves under foot where she treads
As she dances and giggles at the stars overhead
Now, as you can see, the pictures were not taken under the moonlight (though I would really love to have a session under the moonlight one day...) but I DID!!! I did feel in this dress like an Autumn Fairy with Autumn Hair :) I got the chance to get this dress from Kappahl :) but this is an old one that I did not get to wear until now... I simply cannot tell why! I love the material which makes me think of Scotland and kilts ;))) (damn it! I know I have a soft spot for kilts!) and I also love the model in white in the front of the dress... Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic from the back... it looks like a corset and it has strings to pull it tighter :)

With love, yours truly,
The Autumn Fairy Wannabe LadyBug :)

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