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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Collecting Memories...

Dearest friends,

Brace yourself! This is quite a long one :)
When we were in September home, at my fiancee's parents, we were looking through old letters and old postcards and while thinking how great were those times when people were actually sending eachother letters and postcards and how great it was that people were actually collecting real and everlasting memories, I thought it would be nice to check also the stamps...

My dad is a huge fan of stamps and he used to collect them, so I guess this one is dedicated for you ;)
Enjoy it! It covers stamps throughout the last 20 years - I think - of Polish lettering (can I call it like that?!) and also there are some Irish Stamps (and a postcard) and some from Chicago (where my fiancee used to study) and from Canada and Vienna :)

A Cute Christmas stamp :)
And an Easter one ;)

Another one for Easter :)
And another one for Christmas :)

Lovely old stamp <3

More Christmas...
And even more...

Lovely Ireland... One day I will see you!
Weirdy stamp...

Hope you enjoyed this one :) We had a great time looking at the old postcards and checking the old letters my fiancee used to send his parents (while he was away)... Come on, that is way more awesome than actually writing an email! I suggest a phone call also, that is the best! ;)

See you soon! :*
Yours truly,
The Letter Lover LadyBug :p

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