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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

DIY: Leczo = Warm Sausage Stew :)

Dearest friends,

As the weather is changing and one half of the day is cold the other is warm and there is also rain coming and going, we need some good and warm food to get ourself going on.
One of my favorite hungarian based yet polish traditional dishes is "Leczo" which is basically a warm sausage stew :) Or at least that is what I think and that is how I will call it for the non-polish readers of this blog :p

Here is what we need to get this on the road:

Time : about 1 hour 20 minutes (depends on the fire power and the ingredients but it is around 1 hour, so be prepared in case you are hungry while doing this...) 
Servings : 4 large portions 
  •     2 pepper red, 2 yellow and 2 green
  •     1 zucchini
  •     2 onions
  •     smoked bacon (not extremely necessary but it tastes even better with it!)
  •     1 teaspoon paprika
  •     500 g of dry sausages
  •     salt and pepper
  •     oil
We always eat it in large bowls with slices of bread. Each spoonful of hot nourishing leczo is awesome and we eat it with great pleasure. Every time I see the bottom of the bowl I feel a little disappointed that it finished...
Slicing peppers into small cubes and also the zucchini and the onion.
Put the onion into a pan with oil and roast them until they get slightly yellow.
Slice the sausages as in the picture above and the smoked bacon too.
Put the bacon and the sausages with the  onion and fry them together and mix them with a wooden spoon so they would not get stuck to the pan, but make sure you do not crush the sausages...
 Add the vegetables and add water and the condiments according to yours taste, along with the teaspoon of paprika :) It is essential ;)
Make sure when stirring you will not destroy the ingredients... be very gentle :)
The Master Chef :)
The Goodies are on the way :p
After all this, put a cover and let them boil for like 45 minutes to one hour, check them from time to time and makes sure there is enough water as this should be a stew and have liquid... you are supposed to eat it with bread (homemade, if possible) and dip pieces of bread in the stew :)

Enjoy it and let me know how that went ;)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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