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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Happy Bday To... ME!

Dear friends,

I was born on a Sunday morning 27 years ago in the land of the vampires (as the whole believes it to be, I will jump in and tell you that vampires are not real, they are a fairytale, a myth, a legend, but there are also part true ;) but I will let you find out more if you would like that...).
I am the smaller child of the family and odd enough both me and my sister are born on the 26th. Me in October, her in July. I was born at 6 in the morning, she was born at 6 in the evening... But if you are not new here, you probably know this from THIS post - made on my sisters birthday, this year.
When you are a child you wish for different things for your bithday, like Barbie dolls or money for sweets... then you grow older and want dresses and a computer for school, or books that you wish for and you cannot find... then you start to gain trust in yourself and you start to earn your own money and all you wish to do is just travel and see the world and meet new people and widen your view on life... then you meet your other half. Your better half! And when you are asked what you want for your birthday is no longer a big party with friends, with family, dozen of presents... you just want a quiet day, a long walk and a nice cup of coffee and a slice of cake together...
You wish for a happy and safe life together. You wish for a nice engagement, a good civil wedding surrounded by the ones you love, a perfect wedding with a photographer that will resonate with you and will know what you want and will be in touch with what you want... A home and children and safe heaven... You want to be happy and safe in the arms of the one you love!
You somehow expect less but you get so much more! 

P.S. Pictures were taken exactly a week ago, last Saturday, by my awesome fiancee :) He is home and I am happy he is next to me. That is where he belongs ;)

Yours truly,
The Older & Slightly Wiser LadyBug

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