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Monday, 28 October 2013

How To Do A Pre-Proposal

Dear friends,

I shall share with you a story today also in the VGA version :) Due to the fact that I was cleaning up my phone card I bumped into some very old pictures that brought back very nice memories that I wish to share with you. On the 29th of April 2012 these pictures were taken inside 2 airports: the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest and the Chopin International Airport in Warsaw.
I believe - if my memory serves me right - that it was my fiancee's first trip to Romania :) I came for 2 weeks and he came for one (my last week) so we could leave for Krakow in the same day. Unfortunately, as we took the plane tickets in different days we did not get the same plane back. He was the first one to leave and I had to wait in the airport for about 4 hours. But actually I do not mind that! I love airports! And if I could get stuck somewhere it would not be a bus or a train station but an International Airport, please :)
The trip to Romania was awesome for my fiancee and he admits he loves Iasi (and I DID NOT! force him to say that and he said it from the bottom of his heart, more than once! What can I say?! I have an adorable family and cute town ;) ha!). He fell in love with me even more and with my family around :) When we came to the airport (very early in the morning, around 5 am...) we had to wait for the flight he had and because we were both hungry after the hours by train... (yes... the train from Iasi to Bucharest takes a while...) we went to the Restaurant that opened around 7 and ordered a typical American breakfast: Eggs Benedict :) Either they were just purely awesome or we were really starving :p But while we were there... He asked me what I would say if He would ask for my hand... what would I say if He asked me to marry him? Sincerely I knew this was coming, as we were talking about marriage and engagement for a long while... He was just so cute! He said he was so in love that he would have to propose to me then :)
We used to play around with this idea, and during the week he was there, while we were out, he even proposed to me with a ring made out of a drinking straw ;))) But he was so serious in the airport :) I said that I would, I would marry him, but in order to make sure of that he would need to ask me again when he will have the ring fit for asking... Now that I think of it, this sounded so very materialistic of me! And I am not a bit like that! :) I was just teasing him and doing this all in good fun. And of course he knew that ;)
After the pre-proposal (as I called it) we continued talking on about the engagement and the wedding and making plans. And I must admit he is awesome at that! Nothing fails him :) After a while it was time to go and the 2 pictures above are with his plane... I waved him goodbye, the plane took off, and there I was, alone in the airport with around 4 hours to go until my boarding time...
So I started wondering around the airport to see the latest changes (and I must admit they were quite a few and the airport changed in time since the first time I was there, somewhere in 2007, when I was coming back from USA). I was in a mood for sweets so... You can find Brioche Doree at Facebook or on their site, right HERE :) I found it at the airport, by mistake/chance and I am thinking of those sweets until today :) I had the Lemon Tart with make me mouth-water even now, when I remind myself of it :)
To spent time right I also bought a Marie Claire (my fav magazine in the World!) along with the Wall Street Journal I found on the bench ;))) and I started reading and enjoying my awesome lemon tart that I wished it would last forever and a day! It was all rainbows and unicorns! Like a tart should be :)
Also, the first plane was not the end of the trip. The Flight was Bucharest - Warsaw - Krakow. So after the international flight I also had to wait about 2 hours in Warsaw Airport for the domestic flight until Krakow :))) A whole lot of fun, I'm telling you, to get from Krakow to Iasi... It never gets below half a day! ;)
So by the time you reach Warsaw you can get hungry - hence some Chinese food is in order ;) 

Yours truly,
the Pre-Proposed-In-An-Airport LadyBug :)

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