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Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's Here! It's Here! My Swap Gift Is Here!

Dear friends,

Today I will tell you about my first experience in the SMC Pairings (Snail Mail Collective... for those who were asking what SMC means :p) started by The Nectar Collective and Chelsea from Lost In Travel :) I joined in for the first time and I was quite scared not to mess things up... I still think I did as up to this moment my pair did not receive the package I sent her (and I am quite pissed as I really wanted to see Paulina's reaction, tell you truth!)...
My partner for the September Snail Mail was Paulina from Color Me Brave :)
Here is what she says about herself in her "About Me" page: 
"My name is Paulina, already 23 and am pretty much lost half of the time with what I want to do with my life. However I have a slight problem though I am pretty much terrified to ever put myself out their. I put shyness to a whole new level unless if I am around my friends or talking to my readers.
I have made some strides though in recent weeks. I went speed dating and it was super easy. 
I still have many things to over come though. 
I have to survive weddings.
Finally get a job
Finish College 
And loose 70 pounds."
Paulina is brave enough to do lists and she made a "101 in 1001" list that you can find HERE :)
Paulina also won a Liebster Award and she loves love letters and old interesting letters so if you have any... please share it with her and she will be your friend forever :)
I will not say what I got Paulina as I really wish by the time I make this post published the letter and package will reach her... I will focus then on what Paulina send me instead as I really loved it :)
Paulina lives in the USA yet she is of Polish origins! :) I loved that when I found that out as her name is so very typical Polish. I hope that one day she will visit Poland - as she never did that - and I hope she will do me the honor of having a cup of tea / coffee / chocolate with me :) I know the best places in town ;)
Paulina is working with/for Chloe+Isabel :) "Chloe + Isabel is a fashion jewelry brand devoted to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Our handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively through our Merchandisers in order to give them a more meaningful opportunity to make money and build out their resumes with valuable skills."
Paulina send me along with her letter (which was very sweet, by the way :*) a pair of blue earrings that I think I will wear for my civil wedding as they are extremely delightful! They are boho and have these cute small aqua teardrop beads at each of the chandeliers end :)
Thank you Paulina for this awesome gift! I hope my package for you will come soon! If not, tell me and I shall give it one more shot :)

Yours truly,
The Fellow Bloggers Lover LadyBug :*

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