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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Just A Typical Saturday Afternoon

Dearest friends,

This last Saturday during my usual walk with my awesome fiancee we went our usual route until the Galeria Krakowska (to pick up my new green flip flops) and then further on to the Main Square and Sukienicce. I always love having long walks with him in the weekends, especially if the weather is nice... we can get some fresh air and look around the city to see the new things happening out and about... It's like feeling the pulse of the city! Saturday's and Sunday's it is so crowed! :)
And actually I must admit that I am not claustrofobic and I am very much a people person so I am not terrified of large crowds. The only time I wish I would not be near a crowd is when people panic... They tend to react unpredictable and not very proper... but overall I feel perfectly fine :) Come on! Not even New York managed to scare me ;) and New York is quite a challenge when it comes to spaces and people/crowds...
This Saturday, in the Main Square, next to the Sukiennice there were a group of people holding out "Slowa" (which means word in polish language)... We did not manage to figure out what they were about but there was some kind of happening going on this weekend - both Saturday and Sunday... You need to Google on that :p I just found it funny... just look at the small child holding out the smaller "Slowa" sign :) he was adorable!
It was such a lovely Saturday with really sunny weather... Just perfect for a walk :) And for finding new things around the old places we knew and loved in Krakow... I was really sorry I did not have enough time to snap more photos of these 2 lovely doll fashion yummy ladies :) They were in a hurry, as we were also but they put a smile on my face and I am smiling even now when I am thinking of that moment when I saw them walking by, in their delicate dresses with their pretty hair and cute stockings and adorable shoes and little purses... Way to go ladies! You got 10 points out of 10 on being adorable! And you made my day! I hope they will make you smile and wonder on the beautiful things in life... ponder on how an old city can be turned to life with a few happenings and a few lovely ladies prancing about and offering free smiles :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug that misses her Kotek

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