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Sunday, 27 October 2013

London Through VGA Lens

Dear friends,

I was cleaning through my photos from my phone and here is what I bumped into! In June last year (2012) I went for a 5 day trip to Amazing London with my amazing polish friend Magda :) She was a sweetheart and even though this was not her first time in London she had patience with me, as we both discovered London's wonders :) It was an awesome trip and I will tell you probably more of it another time but this time I will show you a short preview - the photo's taken by my VGA cell phone so excuse the quality :)
Even though I had the camera open and working and hanging around my neck/arm there were moments in which I would just let it all sink in and put the camera in the bag. Then something interesting (at least for me) would appear and I had to be fast so... CLICK! went the phone camera, always there - always ready :)
I admit we went there by mistake in one of London's busiest moments: The Queen's Diamont Jubilee! But I never will regret that, even a tiny bit! The whole city was looking so festive and cheerful that if my fiancee was not waiting for me home I would have certainly stayed there :p Most of all I loved the Tube - the advertising, the people playing inside, the names of the stations... I loved how fast it went from one corner of the city to the other and I loved seeing so many cultures "trapped" under the same roof :)
I loved the buildings, the skyscrapers even though - if you ever visited NYC you will know what I am saying - they should not be called like that :p I loved the bustle, the people walking in a million ways to a million errands but yet somehow London has also this soft and bohemian side... The side that reminds me of Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes... It is all a mess but such a beautiful one! :) At least for me! ;)
They have loads of bicycles too ;)
It was also the first time I ate the real deal "fish and chips" and also for dinner, one day, we went to a pub and watched a bit of football (I have no recollection whatsoever who was playing... but that did not matter! I was in a pub! Watching football!!!) and we had the most awesome ever hamburger and chips and beer!!! I just remember it was somewhere near the Tower Of London & Tower Bridge... but I cannot remember the name... I swear!
This is one of the views from outside the place, a couple or so meters away...
More Tube Fun Advertisment + The Funny Looking Tower That I Cannot Remember The Name...
Inside the tunnel, under the Thames River - I LOVED IT!!! Wanna "go deep under" again! :)
(Excuse the weird man creeping out in the corner of the photo... there were so many people that it was really hard to take a decent photo, without anyone in the frame...)
Need to come back and visit Museums! Did not visit one! :o And this is a first for me!
Fish and chips for lunch ;)
If you look closely, you will see me, waiting outside the pub, waiting for the beer and my friend to come :)
By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show. - Samuel Johnson
Of course I HAD TO!!! I had to enter Primark and buy cute stuff there :p It is impossible not to! I got myself colorful socks, cute undies, a pair of tennis shoes I really feel comfy in, 2 t-shirts for my lovely fiancee :) (one with Guinness and one with the London's lion symbol) and most lovely of them all: my pony t-shirt (insert here smiles, rainbows, pony and unicorns and a shower of flowers... yeeeeeeeeeeey!).
And (Thank you God!) I managed to also find the BBC version of "North & South" and "Pride and Prejudice" and I bought it immediately, along with "Downfall" which was on my "To See" list :) It is about the last days of Hitler and as I am extremely interested in the Second World War topic it is needless to say how happy I was with my purchase :)

Yours truly,
The London/UK Fan LadyBug :)

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