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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Early Bday Presents

Dearest friends,

It is October and my birthday is coming in closer and closer.. as time goes by and you are growing... not older! rather more... experienced :) you care not about big parties and loud moments with 1000 people around you but you do care being near the ones you love and care about.

When I came in Poland - more than 2 years ago... - I had my 25th birthday... it was quite a big party and I bought a lot of beer/vodka/gin + juice/water and I was cooking sweets and I was doing 2 types of salad for the ocasion and I invited everyone. It was my first birthday away from home...

This month I am turning 27... one step closer to 30 :p But joking aside, I would rather have my birthday with my family - mum, dad, sister and awesome grandparents - but this will not be possible this year...

My awesome fiancee is the most awesome person I know and he already started showering me with presents :) He surprised me with an awesome green McKinley backpack I wished for a long while :) My last backpack is quite old - since 2007 from USA - and he was with me through all the countries I have been, and I am most fond of it, but it worn out and the closing system is not that perfect...
But this baby is just adorable! Did I mention it is green!? ;p kidding aside, it has a great back system and keeps your body straight (and lately I do feel that is an issue...). Also it has several places in which you can open it - not just frontal - so if you need something at the bottom of the backpack you need not get everything out to get there, you have a zipper in the lower side too! and the middle ;) Also it has a red thingie to put on top of it when it rains and it is waterproof! :) I love it! It is one of the best gifts ever! And I love my fiancee! :*
Et voila! That is me :p the same day I got the awesome packpack :) My hair was fluffy so I thought... why not have a selfie :p the book I got last weekend - it is for children but my fiancee believes it will help me learn much more polish language ;))) Let us see how that works out!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug :)

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