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Friday, 4 October 2013

My Magical Shoes

Dearest friends,

I meant to write to you about this adorable shoes a very long time ago! When my friend, Ioana, was visiting me and my awesome fiancee in August, we also went for some girly shopping sprees :) We went to House and I bumped into these adorable summer shoes that were so cheap that they were yelling for my help, to get them off the shelve and take them to the counter, buy them and take them home happy :) Which I did!
They have this adorable blue inside with white dots and on the heel you have a heart sign <3
I must admit I wore these shoes a lot since then, and I know/think you seen me in them :p Here and here  :)
And I must say they are not the first choice I would have had ;))) but they are really comfortable and I can barely feel them :) My feet are happy and I did not have one blister since I wore them first time! And that does not happen very often, as I do have a large number in shoe size for a lady... I do not even wanna think about the wedding shoes... that will be insane to search for!

**I wrote this email out of love and no one payed me for it!**

Yours truly,
The Shoe Lover LadyBug

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