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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Overcoming Yourself

Dear friends,

I wanna tell you today the story of John Lee Clark. He was born deaf and became blind in adolescence. His work has appeared in many publications and he is the author of a chapbook and editor of the definitive anthology, Deaf American Poetry, published by Gallaudet University Press. Currently, John is co-editor, with his wife, of Clerc Scar (, an arts site for the signing community. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife and three sons :)

I must admit I really liked one of his poems so I will quote it below, along with some pictures I made this Autumn @ Limanowa when we visited my fiancee's parents and the rest of the family (yes! he does quite have an extensive one ;) )
The Pears Are Attacked By The Butterflies...
                                   by John Lee Clark
The sun’s finger and thumb
will rub those stems
without kindling them,
choosing to caress
their plump bodies warm.
My pears will not melt
as would scented candles
lit in the aging twilight,
but they will still shine
my kind of light.
Then I will know
how to bite into pears
in the kindest way
and how to accept
their sweet forgiveness.

From Suddenly Slow (Handtype Press, 2008)
Hope you liked the poem and you appreciate what John is doing :) I know I do!

Yours truly,
The Pear & Grapes & Butterfly Loving LadyBug :)

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