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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Remembering: Last Weekend Of September

Dearest friends,

I was looking through pictures from September and I figured I did not post these ones, and I really like them, so please enjoy them ;)
This is my favourite icecream place in Krakow - I especially love the watermelon and the mint and choco one :) They are sweet and taste like little rainbows in your mouth :) You can find it on Grodzka, the street that connects the Main Market Square to the Wawel Castle ;)
 Also here is what we found that day: a new horse carriage! I never saw it before but I think it is lovely. Made out of wood - of course... - but the finishing on it is very classical and appealing to the eye. If I would pick a carriage to take me around town I think this would be it - brown, almost dark red and it felt smooth...
 Of course we had our usual stop at Bona - Ksiazka i kawa. My awesome fiancee had his black coffee and as the weather was so chilly I decided to go for the Hot Choco with Orange and Cinnamon. It was delicious!!!
 And it also had whipped cream and a blueberry on top ;))) Adorable and sweet and filling!
 We also had a small sandwich which was actually really tasty and filling, along with the hot choco ;)
 After the feast we had a walk home and we took some more pictures along the way :)
Search For Your Way ;)
 It is obvious now that Autumn is here... All the colours... All the flowers...
 My awesome fiancee contemplating upon the architecture of the Main Square in Krakow :)
 And there we are... home :) Who wants an apple?!
These 2 pictures were made to show what an awesome Team Leader my awesome fiancee has. She was in India on work purposes and brought everyone in the team a present from there. She is a darling, is she not! And they were all different - spices and condiments ;)
 I wanted to share with you this, as Tymbark and Frugo have in their juices, under the cap, small messages to the one who drinks the juice. And I must admit I loved every message I saw until now. Here are the ones in the picture:
- Pakuj graty, lecimy - which means pack yourself, we are going to fly
- Wycieczka w nieznane - which means trip into the unknown
- Idz w swiat - which means go into the world
And last, but not least!, I wanna show you a present from Magda :) My friend was out shopping and she saw this and thought about me and thinking of me she bought it, came to me and... voila! This is my present :) I love my Magda, even for this simple fact :) Kocham cie Magda Siepka! :*

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug

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