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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Remembering: Small Things From Last Month :)

Dearest readers,

Happy 1st of October :) This is my month and I hope for good weather and high spirits, so stay with me and keep your fingers crossed for the ones listed above to happen :)

As today is the first day of the month, I always like to remember things that happened in the previous month, so today I will share with you a couple of small little things I loved last month but I did not have a chance to share them with you, as I was really busy writing and being up-to-date with Blogtember. It was the first time I was joining in such a challenge and I wanted to make it and write in all the dates... I believe I quite made it! :)

So here it is... Somewhere in the first week of September I realised my purse is a mess and my day to day needy things that a lady carries with her at all times, were scattered all over the purse. As I hate it when it takes me "half a hour" to find something inside it, I made it a resolution to organise it a bit more. By mistake, when I was in H&M just to check their new fall collection, I bunmped into this small and cute little purse - I fell in love immediately with the print... the colibri birds were so adorable that I did not go for the all black version of the bag, but I picked the pink one... and I am really not fond of pink! The other 2 extra point the bag had was that it was green inside (such a nice shade of green <3) and the zipper had a round end, that I later on found it very practical when going to public toilets as you can just take the small bag with you and hang it to a door or anything else :p

Another thing I was really looking for a long time was a rimmel with green color... guess what?! While looking at the colibri bird bag I saw that H&M does rimmel too, and they had it in green and in purple... well... ain't that just pure luck?! Obviously I grabbed them both and I ran away home as a happy bumblebee :)

As you very well know, my fiancee collects postcard and each of our friends - when they are going for holidays or business trips - brings us postcards back :) By now we have over 100 postcards all over the world. Although we are missing Australia, New Zealand and some other locations... So :) Please feel free to send me a postcard :p

These postcards are from one of our polish friends and they are from Montenegro. I sincerly love the one with the old houses and the lake and the view of the mountains... We are thinking of buying a frame to put one of the best ones there and I do think this one would definetely make the cut ;)

Ah! And you might look funny at the pictures as there are also 2 nuts there ;))) I am very fond of nuts and in the day we got the postcards I found these 2 nuts and I though 2 postcards would go well with 2 nuts, right?! Makes sense, does it not? :p

Last but not least, this September I took the first sick leave (from work) in my life! I fought the cold since Monday but on Thursday it just fully kicked in and I had to go see the doctor and I had Friday (20th) and Monday (23rd) off. It was weird as I felt the need to move around and do things but I could barely move and speak. It took me at least 2 or 3 cups of hot tea in the morning to get me able to speak... So the above came in handy: some green tea (sometimes combined with mint tea and chamomile)and the infuser... Well they got me out of a lot of trouble and the leaves were not all over my cup, so I was happy ;)

Anyway... this was a small part of the things that made me happy last month, and we all know that being happy comes from small things, everyday :)

**I have not been payed to do this review, I did it out of love :) **

Yours truly,
The Happy Bumblebee LadyBug :*

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