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Friday, 11 October 2013

Remembering: Sunny Saturday

Dearest loveliest readers,

Today is lovely Friday so I thought I would show you some really warm and soothing pictures taken last week, on Saturday, when we had a day of awesome weather here in Krakow :) As you know we had my fiancee's small sister visiting us so she is the one who took our pictures throughout the day :)
Of course we started our trip from the Galeria Krakowska, to the Florianska street and then further on to the Main Market Square, Small Market Square and then further on to Galeria Kazimierz. It ended up with a walk along the Wisla and to the Wawel Castle and further on to our awesome coffee shop Bona :)
While on Florianska we were given 10 Panda Zloty :) We thought that is funny so we took a picture of us and the Panda Zloty :) Ain't that just adorable?!
Fooling around the Lovers Bridge :)
Of course it is legal to put locks on the bridge... right? :)
Not my Marek, of course :p
This lock was funny and sad at the same time... I wonder if the same Ewelina cut Michal off the lock or it was another person who had a boyfriend name Piotr and they did not have the money for the lock...
Michal & Michal... I wonder if it is the Michal from the lock above...
This lock had a nice design and it was blue so we took a pic :)
You can see a lot of things when the weather is fine :)
No! I was NOT trying to push him over... HE was fooling around and I was saving him :)
Me and My Awesome One :) Kissed by the Sun :)

Me and my fiancee's baby sister :) Autumn = fighting with leafs :) I had them in 3 colours ;)
I accidentally looked up in our walk along Wawel and look what a nice statue I found :)
Also my fiancee bought earrings for both me and his sister that day :) I know! He is awesome! I got the tiny green owls and Dorota got the musical sign key :) We both loved our presents very much and wore them that day ;) Yes... I know! My future husband rocks!!!
There we are! To Bona for a hot choco with pieces of orange :) A great treat for a great day!
And Dorota agreed on having the same :)
We also bumped into this awesome car outside the theater when we were going home :)
And here are the lovely little green owl :) I love them so much that since Saturday I am wearing only them ;)))

Cheers my lovely ones :*
The Twisted Red LadyBug :)

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