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Monday, 21 October 2013

Sześć Biedronki

Dearest friends,

I miss my awesome fiancee! I miss him already! And he just went off yesterday in the afternoon in a business trip for the week... It is Monday and I already feel it was a week. I have grown so used to going to sleep in the evening with him by my side, laughing and telling stories from the day that passed. I have grown used to waking up by his side and his smiling :) so I would have a perfect day... Today is Monday and a new week started and I needed just one of his smiles... I will have to make it up somehow so I will tell you a story from last Monday afternoon...
I was working the later shift, until 6:30 pm, and my fiancee usually leaves work at around 3 pm and continues work from home. He sits in his room, at his desk, and thinks about the greater good for the company and also how he can conquer the world ;))) Kidding aside, most of the times he is the one who gets home faster and so he always surprises me. He cooks awesomely and I cannot even compare my cooking skills to his... Not to mention the baking, and I thought I was good at that! :o
Anyway... Monday morning when he was leaving for home he told me a story of 6 ladybugs (Sześć Biedronki, in polish language) that came through the window and settled on the fridge. He also told me that ladybugs hibernate during the winter so that is why they came to us... and he put them in the fridge for safe keeping, and when I get home I should go check them. I did not believe him, of course :p and so when I came home I did not say a thing, but he told me to check the fridge...
And there they were! The 6 ladybugs made by my awesome fiancee out of olives, tomatoes, ham, butter and bread :) they were delicious and I was hungry so I finished them all while he snapped a few pictures :)

P.S. Disregard the yellow curtain in the background and my skirt hanging on the chair... these were impromptu pictures taken by my awesome fiancee :) And also excuse the high cropping on the 2 pictures as I had to save the appearances that the room was squeaky clean ;))) I modifies slightly the first 2 pictures in Picasa quickly so they would be presentable. The next 2 are as they were taken... Excuse my lack of knowledge in Photoshop... I keep saying I should learn...

P.S.S. Kocham Cie Kotek :* A lot! And I miss you! A Lot! Come back home safe :*

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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