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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thoughts Upon Being Thankful

Dearest friends,

I was thinking lately about the things that make me sad and the things that make me happy. I have this tendency of seeing the world in black and white. I can neither see, nor feel, the shades of grey... For me the world is either right or wrong, yin or yang... never a combination and never something in between. Tell you the truth, I used to be very much like Pollyanna (dunno if you know the story but I really recommend it and it is quite a nice children's book) but the last years changed me and I have this tendency not to see the good things in life anymore...
I guess everyone has this kind of phases in their life, when they are confused and they don't see all the good things in their life... This is why I am writing this post :) You may see 1000 of beautiful and remarkable things in your day but if you choose to cling one the single one thing that you see wrong, or if you choose to see the dark side of the beautiful things, than you will end up having a sour face and people who once loved to be with you will shut you off. Sadly if you "join the dark side" there are no cookies involved...
I guess that a lot of the problems that arise in my head come from the fact that I get utterly stressed for no reason, in a short time... And come on, let us be honest, how can one be thankful while being stressed?! I simply cannot do both at the same time... I need to be relaxed to be thankful...But the problem is how to get de-stressed... Tell you the truth, I am still struggling with that...
 But you can get de-stressed by:
  • having some quality time with the one you love :) (eg. I love when my fiancee and I have our own quality time on Saturdays and we go out for a long walk and we enjoy a treat at one of our favourite coffee places, or when my fiancee is cooking something really nice and we end up watching a movie while eating and talking... My favourite time of the day!)
  • watching a good movie you like, 
  • watching a movie with your friends and laughing out loud with them, 
  • going out for an expo that you would enjoy,
  • having a walk with someone you love/like,
  • going for a cup of tea with your friends,
  • reading a good book - be it a new one you heard of or an old one you are just re-reading,
  • watching/re-watching a series you love/like,
  • catching up with your friends via Skype of Facebook or any other media,
  • having field trips with family/friends/the one you love/like,
  • going for a holiday trip/travel (I for one, adore that! And I never see traveling as stressful!)
The thing is we have so many things to be thankful and yet we never raise our voices and say a prayer for all the things good in our life... And trust me, when you come to think of it, there are so many!
Hence I will try to make a "short" list of the things I am thankful now:
  1. My parents - without them I would not be here, I would not be alive, I would not be who I am.
  2. My awesome fiancee :) - as he is my better half and he is the one showing me the positive things when I do not see them
  3. My sister - for being a pain in the arse :p but a pain I love and I look up to :)
  4. My grandparents - as they raised me up and thought me how to behave and how to think right
  5. My family- for being the closest kin in the world and even though I do not see my aunts and uncles I know that they are still there... cheering up for me :)
  6. My friends - for being there for me when I needed them and also for the ones who let me down as they also taught me a lesson by that...
  7. My sense of touch - as I am able to feel all the things around me and I can tell if something is hard or soft or scratchy or smooth or thin or thick...
  8. My sense of smell - as I can smell the flowers in the gardens, the perfume of the one I love, the specific hospital scences and even the smell of things that rot...
  9. My eyesight - for I am able to see the ones I love and see the changes in the world and in people...
  10. My hearing -as I am able to listen music, to love Chopin, to hear the voice of the ones I love :)
  11. My sense of taste - as I am able to tell what is sour and what is sweet and enjoy the cupcakes and the things that my husband to be is cooking :)
  12. My speech - as I do not stutter and I do not blabber and I am able to express myself coherently
  13. My body - as it performs all its functions very well and I am able to walk and grab thing and hold the people I love, hug them tight and smile :)
  14. My studies - as I was able to learn so many wonderful things and have so many mentors in life in my teachers...
  15. My travels - as they opened my eyes to what the world is and what it has for me, for showing the fact that out there a place for me exists and someone out there is waiting for me
  16. My jobs - as I learned more about myself while working, for making friends that remain through the life and for showing me I can push my limits and learn more and be different each day yet remaining the same :)
  17. My current company - as it is the place where I met my future husband :) and for the fact that right now I have a job, unlike other people who wish for one but cannot have it (due to various reasons...)...
  18. My home - be it in Iasi, where my family lives, be it in Stara Wies, from where my fiancee is, be it in Krakow, where I am living now... Home is where your heart is and if your heart is in a million places, so your home will be :) Not to mention that "home is where you lay your head" :) So my home is right next to my fiancee :) But also I am thankful I HAVE a home! 4 walls and a roof... unlike thousands of other people :(
  19. Food - for the glorious food my fiancee makes, for the amazing food my Granny prepares :)
  20. Electricity & Internet - as I can use my laptop and get connected to different media so I can talk to my family and my friends as fast as I want :)
  21. Water system - as I am able to wash myself daily and hydrate properly :)
  22. Clothes I have - as I do not go prancing naked on the street and I do not fear of being cold :)
  23. Weather - I love Autumn :) It is my season and I have my birthday soon :)
  24. Wedding - as it is coming soon with huge steps and on the 9th August I will be able to officially and fully call my fiancee: "My Husband" :)
  25. Books and Movies - as they brighten up my day and they take me to magical and far away places :)
And I guess the list would go on endless... I encourage you to do a list also... Tell you the truth when I started to write this post I was quite negative as I had a bad moment, but when I started doing the list of things I am thankful for, my mood changed and I realized that again I am not seeing the most important thing: I am alive, I am loved and I love back! What can be more glorious and fulfilling?! Thank you God for everything :) You are the best! :)

Yours truly,
The Thankful LadyBug :)

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