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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Trip Into The Unknown...

Dearest minions :),

I love my fiancee :) But you already knew that, did you not?! ;) He remembers even the smallest things I like or the things I say I enjoy... and I need not even repeat it! His mind is like a sponge and gets all the info surrounding him, with just a look! That is how amazing he is! :) Did I mention that soon he will be all mine?! :p Muah hah ha! But getting back to serious business today I wanted to share with you a few juices I discovered this summer with the help of my awesome fiancee :)
The juices in the pictures here are from both Frugo and Tymbark (did I mention that Tymbark factory is really close to the town where my fiancee is from?!). Although Tymbark tastes better and feels more natural they are harder to locate on the Internet than Frugo ;) and that is a downside... Plus the Frugo site is more attractive! Just take some time and play around. It is very nicely done. Creative and colorful, as the product itself is. Even the bottle, with its button like cap is adorable and easy to grip :)
Wycieczka W Nieznane? = Trip Into The Unknown... (Tymbark message under the cap)
Tymbark has focused on bringing the large audience the juices inspired by the world. Here in the pictures you can see 2 of the WorldWide inspired juices: the cactus juice inspired by Mexic & the lichee juice inspired by China :) I must admit that I really liked them and served chilled they are quite a treat when it is hot outside and you want to relax quickly! But I also must admit that the Tymbark juice felt more natural and more 100% lichee than the Frugo one (which had added banana, ananas and cocos juice in it...). Of course Tymbark also had added extra flavor but I could really taste the lichee kicking in! And as I am a huge fan of lichee I was really happy by that fact!
My awesome fiancee found the lychee juice at first and he surprised me with it :) He is adorable!

**I was not payed for review and I did it out of love for lychee and for everyone who might like it! ;)**

Yours truly,
The Lychee Lover LadyBug :*

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