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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday's Dose Of Healthy Things

Dear friends,

Let us start Tuesday morning with a dose of Limanowa :) That always brings a smile on my face :)
 As it is Autumn we must respect the season and what it has to offer so here are today's guests:
1. Two baby carrots found each other in the solace of the ground and now they are "Kindred Spirits" :)
2. The Fruits Of The Forest beckon you to eat them on the spot or take them home... I choose to take pictures and thank them gracefully by letting them into my tummy :)
 3. Rain On Leaves - not a single drop was spilled, yet I wish I would have had a macro lens just then...
 4. The Traditional Polish Snack - candies, vodka (Zubrowka, of course...) and homemade sausages and other meat stuff that tasted just awesome :) The meat was made by my fiancee's awesome uncle and taste really really really great :)
5. Wood - the texture of the picture makes me proud :) this would go very nicely as a wallpaper ;) Right?!

Have an easy Tuesday everyone!

With loads of hugs and kisses,
The LadyBug

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