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Sunday, 3 November 2013

1 Year (& 1 Week & 1Day) Older...

Dear friends,

Yesterday I was telling you how I spent my Bday with my lovely better half :) Well today I will tell you how I celebrated it :) I know... I am a bit later... by a week... but you will apologize me while I tell you what I did last Sunday, right?! You will take that from a young lass who is 1 year, 1 week and 1 day older :p
We had our usual weekend walk and we ended up in the Main Square - as usual - where we heard Celtic rhythms and I could distinguishably hear the sound of bagpipes and drums. I could see the people gathering to see 3 men playing the instruments noted above, but to my surprise - when I came closer - I could see on one of their t-shirts saying that actually they were from Hungary! :o Now THAT was confusing! I was expecting to see young men playing in kilts and there they were, with red baggy trousers and funny shoes ;)))
Next to where they were playing there were the letters that said "Krakow Miasto Literatury UNESCO" - I know that as I was there early on the week when they were posted there. But now they were all a scramble and people were playing with them and making pictures - as I also did ;) But not to leave you in the darkness "Krakow Miasto Literatury UNESCO" = Cracovia UNESCO City of Literature (for 2013)  ;)
Scrabble!!! :) Let's play!
Of course my fiance was kind enough to make pictures all day long and he did not complain at all. He was a sweetheart and I love him very much! (not only because he takes my pictures :p I am not that bad!)
REM - Rapid Eye Movement?! :)
Look at this small one pushing around that letter! He was adorable!
Et voila! Here I am!
I will be evil and post this picture even if my fiance does not like the way I modified it. I like it because it makes the colors stand out, rather then myself - what say you?! :)
A is for Anda :)
Of course our walk led us to our magical place: Bona - Ksiaszka i kawa :) He had the usual American Coffee and I went wild with a cup of tea with strawberry and kiwi. It was the first time I drank tea there - usually I go with hot choco or lemonade or fresh orange juice :)
Here is a close up on both of us - isn't he a cutie pie?! <3
Fresh and warm honey for the tea :) It was delicious and I ate it all! Muah hah ha!
The awesome tea :)
Here we are, utterly preoccupied :) Dipping the biscuit in the coffee without letting it drop takes time and patience and practice, my friends ;) and also does the preparation of the perfect tea ;)
You have no idea how awesome it smelled!
Autumn stars shine through gaps in the wall.... [H]e... brews midnight tea by the stove's ruddy light. ~From a traditional Taoist song, quoted in John Eaton Calthorpe Blofeld, The Chinese Art of Tea
"Tea" to the English is really a picnic indoors. ~Alice Walker, The Color Purple
Reflection in tea :)
You need to come and try this ;)
And of course my lovely other half had the day prepared so instead of going home we went out for lunch at our favourite pierogi place in the town :) We went to Babcia Malina and took our usual table :)
I always loved the rustic and vintage inside of this place :) They also have a piano and most of the time there is someone playing on it. And I just love sitting there, listening to old fashioned music and munching on pierogi and some pancakes maybe (if I'm famished...)
I had my favourite soup - the Zurek, with eggs/kielbasa(white sausage)/potatoes/mushrooms - and my lovely half had his favourite: barszcz czerwony with crochets :)
After that, we each had a portion of pierogi - of course fried, as they are best fried! - with meat and I was full by the time I finished the meal. Add the beer and we were both barely moving. You need to try this one day in order to understand how I was feeling ;) And I would be glad to assist you ;)
Overall it was an awesome birthday and I am glad I celebrated it with the one I love. It was a great weekend and if I would have to spend it again I would not change a thing! Oh! maybe one :p I would get my other half quicker to me... I would have him on Friday evening and the plane would be on time and he would be better rested for the weekend wanderings :) But as it is, I am happy! I am happy I am older by 1 year, 1 week and 1 day and I am happy I spent the whole last weekend with my fiance :) 
Kocham cie Kotek! Bardzo Dobrze! :)

Yours truly,
The Celebrated LadyBug

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