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Friday, 29 November 2013

1 Year, 365 days, 8760 hours...

Dear friends,

I know that it is really aweful of me to give you the latest news 1 week after those have happened but I did not get a chance to settle down and have a proper look at the photos from last Friday. Now you may ask yourself what had last Friday have to to with this?! Well it is as simple as that: last Friday me and my team celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our project. For over 4 years I have been part of a project entertainment related... I was supporting a company that produces movies that we all watch. And I was so proud of that! Tell you the truth, the positions I have been in had their perks (like seeing a clip of the movie before the release or even catching a glimpse of a poster that did not "make the cut" and was not approved). But after the while the downside of the project itself started to weight heavily on my health: I used to have only nightshifts. So after more than 4 years spent on the project I moved out and joined my current project, where I am only on dayshifts :) I get to see the sun and meet people... and I get to spent time outside with my future husband, while the sun is still up! And that is a true accomplishment!
My current project is a small project compared to the one I started and it is very young - hey! it just turned 1 year old since "Day Z" - the migration day :) but nonetheless it is a very nice project with a couple of very awesome people that manage to brighten up my day everytime I see them - and this post is for them! (raising the glass of wine in their behalf!)
We had around 3 weeks or so to pull out reports and do a surprise presentation for the team and I dare say they really enjoyed it. All was done in the *hush hush* manner and none of the first line agents knew about this until the last week, when they were informed that the party will be Friday and that everyone has to accept/decline the invitation so we could have a total of how many people will be there :)
The party started Friday at 8 pm @ Augusta - Augusta is a lovely boat located right next to the all pedestrian bridge over the Vistula, you know which one ;) The Lovers Bridge ;) (yes, that is the one with the locks and it is featured in the first picture of this post ;) no worries! I have it all covered!)
Augusta is a place created as a dream restaurant - at a high level, to be different than all the other restaurants. Therefore she is a restaurant on the water :) It was build from scratch on the hull of the barge close to sixty years ago, with attention to every detail and high quality of the finish. It combines warm wood color aesthetics of post-industrial aluminum construction elements. The minimalist, sophisticated form makes Augusta component architecture, which is inscribed in the landscape harmoniously. Located on the Vistula banks it gives them a hint of modern clarity.
Augusta's features:
  60 guests
> Children's Room
> Elevator and toilet for disabled
> Size Shoulder: length 40 m, width of 7.2 m
We had a lovely time and I could wonder around and take some pictures of my colleagues. There was really nice light and I am very happy on how some of the portraits turned up ;) And of course the pictures turned up right due to the light in the room not due to the camera or me :p
Om nom nom time :)
I shall no longer talk about the night but I will leave you with the rest of the pictures from Friday - Enjoy! :)
Soft kitty, warm kitty...
Me and one of the lovely ladies in the project :)
Liudka has the credit for this particular photo ;)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures :) I know I really had a nice time last Friday!

**I was not payed in any way to write this post - I did it out of love :) And I do recommend the Augusta for business meetings/dinners. It is quite nice - nice view especially in the night time!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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