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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Little Bit Of Paint...

Dear friends,

I am going to share with you today a bit of StreetArt - I have not done this in quite a while, right?! In the first weekend of this lovely November month I managed to get these pictures below presented. Truly I love searching for new corners of art that involves paint, scattered around the town, and I really hope you will like this post as much as I did taking these pictures (at least ;p).
Sprzataj po swoim psie = Clean after your dog - Krakow is a dog friendly city and it has parks especially for dogs but also it has strict rules about dogs behaviour inside the city (that includes owners carrying poop-bags for the doggies and cleaning after them - which is an awesome thing as I never stepped in a poop here ;) 10 point to Krakow for that! as unfortunately in Romania we do not have this law).
And let's be frank, who doesn't love Krakow?! If people come here they will fall in love with the city and will wish to come back to see more and more of it - almost like a drug... Please, can I have some Krakow on a daily basis?!
Here you can see St. George fighting the dragon - or at least that is my idea :) it could also be Prince Filip on its way to save Aurora from her sleep. Bad Maleficent! Bad! She was quite a spiteful character, was she not?!
And I also really like this cute and cozy shop with 1000 miracles inside - small little things to brighten up your day and your house... but sincerly speaking recently (actually in the last year or so) I became less interested in things that are beautiful yet not practical... I do not want to fill my house with things that look pretty yet have no sense to have around... But I love looking at them and imagining houses with them in them....
Plus the angels in the enterance are just adorable :) I wanted to take a picture for a while now and each time I was passing by I hoped they would not change a thing - eventually the first weekend of November it was point and shoot time and I am now able to show you the angels who guard the door to the adorable shop :)

I hope you like the splashes of paint done in an artistical way ;) I know I did! Have an awesome Monday, my dear friends!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug

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