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Monday, 4 November 2013

About A Heavenly Place

Dear friends,

Once in a while it is nice to have a day off with your friends or just by yourself. While my lovely fiance was away I had time to get the camera out in the world and take pictures a whole day!
I started early in the morning, around 7 am - that is when my shift started. I could take these 2 foggy shots of Krakow in the moment when it wakes up. Not a lot of people on the street and even less cars out and about.
Empty parking places and empty elevators - this is why I love the 7 am shift - not a lot of people around and I get to see the sunset in peace and quiet. I get to open my laptop in time and I begin pulling the reports while the others are sound asleep ;))) and I get to have the first cup of tea of the day fully relaxed (in case no Outages appear and the whole world turns topsy turvy ;) right?!)
As my lovely other half was away for a week he left me some things to do and I fulfilled them honorably - or so I believe :) And I had some business to do in Kazimierz (in the old town) so I managed to get a few shots of the streetart in the area :) The cute thingie hugging the heart was just too adorable to resist ;)
But checking one thing off the list I had to celebrate + I was very hungry as I had not eaten a thing the whole day so I was famished! = a treat was in order. And what better treat than going to a Heavenly Place :) A Heavenly Place with sweets and good tea :) the best place in the world!
And that place is Cupcake Corner Bakery :) You can find them on Facebook or on their Site ;)
Here is what they say of themselves on FB:
Cupcake Corner Bakery, is an authentic American Bakery making cupcakes & muffins and brewing fresh organic Fairtrade® coffee with the utmost care. We start out with only the finest and freshest ingredients from Magdagascar vanilla beans to local produce. Our treats are baked daily so that our customers can enjoy them as fresh as possible. We are the first authentic American bakery in Poland that specializes in cupcakes and jumbo muffins using original recipes that have been tested for many years. Please come and have a cupcake, muffin, or coffee to brighten your day."
Basic info
You really need to check them out! If you do not believe me, start with their site! It is so adorable and user friendly! It comes in the Polish & English version so everyone could prance about it and gather more info :) I love their cupcakes (even though they also have awesome muffins and ice-cream) and you can see what type of cupcakes they do daily. They have a schedule for each day of the week and you can select your fav and see in what day they will do it :) They make everything from scratch including homemade peanut-butter cups, vanilla extract from Madagascan Vanilla beans cured in vodka, freshly crafted caramel sauce, and more!!!
You can have Organic Coffee and Tea (also you can take it to go or you can serve it there, on those comfy chairs and couches, or even (I did that!) you can sit at the very nice big table, in that vintage comfy and fluffy bench and pretend you are a queen... having your very own cup of tea... munching on the muffin that your Royal Subjects prepared, for your delight! - hey! a girl has the right to dream/fantasize, right?!).
This Magical Place can be found in Krakow in 3 central locations:
1)ul. Bracka 4, Kraków
Monday to Saturday (8 am to 9 pm)
Sunday (9 am to 9 pm)
2)ul. Grodzka 60, Kraków
Monday to Saturday (8 am to 9 pm)
Sunday (9 am to 9 pm)
3)ul. Michałowskiego 14, Kraków
Monday to Saturday (8 am to 7.30 pm)
Sunday (9 am to 5 pm)
The pictures were taken in the Bracka venue ;) just in case you wanna visit the exact same place :p The ladies who serve are awesome and if you are not decided on the drink to go with your muffin/cupcake/ice-cream you can always count on them to tell you the options ;) I knew I wanted a cheese and fruity (I think it was strawberry/blackberry) muffin, that would keep me warm and cozy for the day (trust me! after it, you will find your tummy quite full!) + something to drink... but I was thinking more in terms of a smoothie...
Yet the ladies told me about this new type of tea in their collection - a fruity green tea type. And they gave me a sample to smell the ingredients and see if it was up to my taste. And , by God! it was positively brilliant!!!
The two of them - muffin and tea - went hand in hand and made my insides warm and happy! I do not regret the choice and I recommend it with all of my heart! It was EPIC! No... wait! It was... LE-GEN-DA-(wait for it!)-RY! ;) The muffin was not sweet. It was more cheesy type than sweet ;) and it actually went like it was real food, not a tasty snack! Well... job well done Cupcake Corner Bakery!!!
Does it not look delicious?!
You must excuse my selfies though - I have a horror of asking other people to take my photo so I always end up taking it myself. It was fine though, as I was alone (at the beginning) in the back room of the venue so I could take all the pictures I wanted :)
What I really liked is this World Map :) You can take a pin and pin the place you are from on the map. Guess what?! There was a pin from Bucharest - Romania - as well! Someone from Bucharest was here and ate cupcakes/muffins in the very place I was! Silly me, I forgot to put a pin for Iasi... I promise to do so next time ;)
Adorable details on the sitting sofa :)
Tell me the truth... would you not stay there for an entire day and feel cozy about it?! I know I would! It is very cozy and simple and minimalistic and yet so very comfortable with its vintage details and white walls and cute artsy details! It is delightful! :)
The history:
"Julie grew up in a family of bakers, and her earliest memory of baking was making cupcakes in her mini- oven at the age of six. Julie brings to the bakery 16 years of baking experience and a repertoire of family recipes passed down through generations. "
Awesome Green Tea With Fruits :)
P.S. I want to have Julie's recipes :) They are awesome! Tell me just one - I don't wanna steal all the secrets, but I want to be able to do those magical muffins :)

**I did this post out of love and I have not been payed or offered any muffins (although I would have liked that!) in order to write this!**

Yours truly,
The Muffin/Cupcake Loving LadyBug

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