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Saturday, 16 November 2013

DIY With Lovely Megan From Ginger Snaps

Dearest friends,

Today I have a special treat for you. I am proud to introduce you to the lovely lass called Megan :) I first bumped into her accidentaly in the wonderful land of the blogosphere where she had a blog called Feathers and Freckles and she used to post about thrifting (the best thrifting posts I have ever seen, actually!!!) and about mixing and matching clothes in her wardrobe. She is an awesome lady (and I truly wish I would know her offline as well).
She is kissed by the sun - that means redhaired, for all you that know not of George Martin and have no clue what Game of Thrones is! - and she reminds me of irish lasses with freckles around their eyes and their cute delicate noses. Megan has the most awesome curly hair I have seen and even if she cuts it short of leaves it long it will always have its own way and be rebelious like Merida (yes... from Brave...). But she is not all about the physical appearence. The way that she wrote her previous blog just caught me in and I would devour each and every of her new posts.
Now she needed a break to get a new view of her blog life and she has a new one right now. It is called Ginger Snaps and it focuses right now mainly on DIY and that is why she did me the honor of preparing a post for today. A DIY for earrings... yes! earrings for me, the earrings freak ;))) This is very fitting and without any further ado I shall leave you with my dear blogging friend :) Cheers!
Hi! I'm Megan from Ginger Snaps. I'm not a huge fan of big, bulky earrings. Call me crazy, but I don't like the feeling of two chandeliers dangling from my head. I prefer small studs, and I prefer them cheap. That's where these little clay earrings come in. They are cheap, lightweight, and easy. Make some as a gift or for yourself!

What you need: clay, earring post/back, glue (E6000), paint color of your choice, paintbrush
Roll 2 pieces of clay into small balls (or whatever shape you like!).
Press both balls of clay up against the earring posts so the bottom is flattened, then remove them from the posts and bake according to directions.
After baking, let the clay dry completely before painting them the color of your choice and adhering them onto the earrings posts. Let dry overnight before wearing.
Voila! Wear them or wrap them up as a gift.

Well... that is about it :) Ain't she pretty?! And does she not do the most cute pictures?! (Ok... I may be a bit smittened by her and her blogs and her way of writing...) You need to follow her blog and check also the old one, for great tips and trick on how to do selfies with a camera and a remote ;) or how to pick the best things in a thrift store :)

All the best from yours truly,
The Megan @Ginger Snaps Fan :) The LadyBug :)

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