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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Food & Friends

Dear friends,

This was supposed to be a DIY post but I rethought it and I almost facepalmed me for thinking such a small thing could pass as a DIY... I am clearly not getting the full grip of the DIY concept, but you guys can agree or disagree later on - at the end of the post ;)
Now in Poland there is still the trend of having parties at home - and I quite like that.
Pluses: you feel at home, you get to bring your own stuff that you can pick at a reasonable price at the hypermarket, you get to have more comfortable seating and there aren't huge queues for the toilet and you are sure that the toilet paper will not run out ;) not to mention that if you are having this party at a good friend you can even sleep over if you are too tired or it is too late to catch a bus. Did I mention that if the party is at your place you need not have a cab called or go have a bus?! :)
Minuses: noone is serving you - you have to do the pouring and mixing and cutting the fruits and breaking the ice, you have to make sure (if the party is at your place) that all the guests are comfortable/that there is enough toilet paper/that you have places to sleep for your friends that are too tired/cleaning up the mess after the party + the worst of all: facing the crazy neighbors or the cops at the door ;)
But I still prefer parties at home :) Not big ones, but with just a few close friends - talking, having fun, listening to music and watching short movie clips :) Well a thing you will most always find on the table during these homemade parties are little entrees. Of course you can have chipses and popcorn and any other salty food that may make you thirsty but these are my fav ones ;)
What you need: olives/cheese/meat + toothpicks.
What you must do: cut them in squares - the olives you can cut in half ;) and run them through with a toothpick: olive - cheese - meat/sausage & keep them all in the fridge until the guests arrive
Et voila! As simple as that! :) But really effective and everyone will love them, trust me ;)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug

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