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Saturday, 9 November 2013

For The Love Of Ice Skating

Dear friends,

Today I will tell you a short story about one of my dreams coming true. I will tell you about Bucharest “Kings on Ice”. Evgeni Plushenko in the wonderful and magical year 2010 (well... at least it was magical and wonderful for me!) decided to tour also in Romania. On the 11th of April I was once of the lucky people inside the Flamaropol skating ring! Now I have to tell you I am a huge fan of ice skating since I was a wee lass... I was watching every season with my grandparents and I remember even the period in which the judges would come on ice to present the notes. I remember watching the locals from the Russian territory (I know my fiance does not approve, but I still believe in my heart that they are the ones who brought the ice skating to its highest level!) and I remember the international competitions and most of all I remember the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics are the closest to my heart - I actually remember Nagano and Salt Lake very very very well :) When you look at the figure skating at the Olympics - the overall status - you will see USA on first place, Russia on second place and... wait for it!... guess what?! Soviet Union on 3rd! ;))) Just have a look at this (gold - silver - bronze):
  • 1998 Nagano, JPN Ilia Kulik RUS Elvis Stojko CAN Philippe Candeloro FR
  • 2002 Salt Lake City, US Alexei Yagudin RUS Evgeny Plushenko RUS Timothy Goebel US
  • 2006 Torino, ITA Evgeny Plushenko RUS Stephane Lambiel SUI Jeffrey Buttle CAN
  • 2010 Vancouver, CAN Evan Lysacek US Evgeny Plushenko RUS Daisuke Takahashi JPN
I love my childhood memories and I love knowing that I actually saw live Oksana Baiul (Ukraine) and that I managed to see live the beautiful "fights" between my 2 ice-skating lovers: Plushenko and Yagudin. They both had different style and they had so much charisma that the ice-ring could not hold both of them together... which was sad as they both were so gracious and young and wild... Oh! Well... But enough about that... I will leave you for now with a couple of pics I took at the show and with and article from one of Bucharests newspapers ;)
"Fabulous... incredible... a dream-like evening... true magicians on ice..." - these are just a few of the impressions shared by almost 3,000 people when leaving Bucharest's Flamaropol skating rink after they chose to spend their Sunday evening in the company of the world's best skaters, in the third edition of Kings on Ice 2010 - Olympic Tour show.
The show seemed almost unreal, from beginning to end, and running for almost two hours: in the warm applause of a frenetic audience, which echoed and lived each and every movement made by the 16 ice magicians.
Figure skating czar Evgheni Plushenko - who seemed to have come to Bucharest to get back at the world for the Olympic gold injustice he suffered in Vancouver. The pretty, elegant Stephane Lambiel - who triggered endless applause with his almost unreal steps and pirouettes.
Gracious Aliona and Robin who completed each other impeccably. 20-year-old Florent Amodio, who wanted to prove how a perfect 'Moonwalk' on ice goes.
"Wild beauties" Natalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat, who turned ice into jungle and tamed the crocodile. "Ballerina" Denis Ten, whose name will be printed in several newspapers for many years to come.
Julia Sebestyen, who insisted on showing why she became European champion in 2004. Fiona Zaldua and Dmitri Sukhanov, who literally left an entire audience breathless with their extreme, yet so well controlled performance. The seductress Fleur Maxwell, who turns the ice into a catwalk.
The funny Alexei Polishuk and Robert Cording, or the Ukrainian and the American who wanted to show the audience that Laurel and Hardy can be just as good on ice. Sergei Yakimenko, for whom cars were not invented for travel purposes, but for deadly jumps over them. Jason Graetz, the rubber legged Canadian, who defies gravity. And all of them accompanied by the ever-present Edvin Marton and his four million Euro-Stradivarius violin, with its unmistakable sound.
Every move that the magnificent 16 did was fully rewarded by the audience with applause and flowers, many flowers. Impressed with the audience response, Plushenko couldn't help telling Romanians, "You are the best in the world," while Lambert exclaimed: "Je suis ici pour la premiere fois et vous etes IN-CRO-YAB-LES! Incroyables!"
And YES! I did get Edvin Marton's and Evgheni's autograph and I squeezed in tight for a quick picture of those 2 very talented young men that made me scream of joy all night long :) And YES! I would do it again! And I would go to see them and hear them again anytime! And I believe everyone should - regardless of their ice-skating culture ;) that, my friends, is pure art!

** I was not payed in any way to do this post. I was wondering through old pics and I bumped into these ones and I thought I would share a nice memory with you :) Plus, the new ice-skating season is coming soon, so sit tight and enjoy!**

Yours truly,
The Ice-Skating (Watching) Lover LadyBug :)

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