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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Is It Fall Or Is It Winter?!

Dear friends,

Yesterday I was telling you about my lucky Tuesday with my fiance :) The fact that I caught tickets for Lady With An Ermine definitively made my day! And the Crown Treasury indeed manage to put a huge smile on my face... you should see my reaction in front of the swords and the crossbows and you would understand me and believe me mad... that or the fact that I was born in the wrong century and that I was supposed to be a boy... (yes, ladies should be proper and act and sing and dance not maneuver maces and clash swords... let's be reasonable! But I bet I would have been a small Arya ;))) - GOT reference again... I can't help it!).
Hope you will like these collages - the pictures with the flowers :) They were taken this Tuesday when we exited the Crown Treasury and we had a lot of time until seeing Lady With An Ermine. We had a walk around the castle, we took some funny pictures and then we sat on the bench :) My fiancee played a bit on his BB and I had a look around at the lovely flowers. The gardeners at the castle always take great care of the green spots and always have fresh flowers for each season :)
The variety of flowers and smells attracts a lot of bees and other small flying animals :p so it is a perfect environment for me to do some pictures... but a thing puzzled me this whole week... I kept thinking that "Is It Fall Or Is It Winter?!" - with the weather outside I am believing more and more in the global warming... Heck! It is the later half of November and we have temperatures (pretty constant) of over 10 degrees Celsius... Where is the cold? Where is the snow? Where is Winter?!
Of course in the morning and in the evening is chilly and you can say "Winter is coming!" but there are days like this Tuesday where I would go... "Hey! This is Autumn! Falling leaves, hot sunny day, feeling the need for some icecream or cold beverage... Where did Winter go?!"
Anyway, who are we to decide on the weather and the times of the day?! I thank the Lord for Tuesday: for waking up early, for catching tickets for the Crown Treasury and The Lady, for the awesome weather outside, for the sun shining and being warm, for the beautiful and colored flowers, for the trip to the Manggha Museum - the Japanese Museum in Krakow, for the lovely walk with my adorable fiance.... for a lovely day overall! I love Tuesdays like this :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug In Love With Life & Colorful Things :)

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