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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Magical Krakow Nights

Dear friends,

It is lovely to walk around Krakow at any time of the day :) Yesterday I was telling you about this Heavenly Place where you can buy the most awesome muffins and cupcakes and drink the most delightful coffee or tea. Well... after my belated lunch or early dinner (your pick!) I got to take a walk around the city right when the city lights were lighting up and when sunset was kicking in.
When I was next to the St. Piotr and Pawel Church I bumped into these lovely art students who were intensively sketching the church. They were all so immersed into their work so I could circle them around and take some quick shots - I did not want to bother them that much, tell you the truth :)
I love to sketch as well and I would have loved to have my pen and paper to try out as well but I would have probably failed miserably - I am not that good with doing things like this in public... and a I mainly do that when I am stressed or I have something on my mind. It helps me cool down.
Just look at them... So bohemian!
I particularly liked taking photos of this young and pretty lass who was just barely starting the sketch and measuring the size of the churches columns. She was so attentive to the light and the way that she wanted to put things on paper that she barely noticed me and turned her head. Plus I must admit, I loved her hairstyle ;)) And it somehow reminded me of a dear friend of mine (Clara, yes, that's you! :*) who also was an art student and did really pretty paintings :) I miss her a whole bunch!
In the middle of the measuring process...
While I was circling them around (yes... I know... somehow like a vulture...) I also caught a quick shot with this 2 young newlyweds - both bride and groom were really cute and they were intensively talking to their photographers. Most certainly they were on to the details of the photoshoot. The Groom was probably going to ride the bicycle to his lovely bride - who had a very nice dress and adorable matching shoes ;)
Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali
In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.
Vincent Van Gogh
Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Need some frying pans?! :p
Cornucopia = Autumn :)
And of course no trip is fulfilled without the Main Market Square :) And guess what? There was a Market in the Market Square :))) Yes! They setup already all the good stuff, like mulled wine and grilled cheese and smoked ham and grilled sausages and fried potatoes and a thousand of other handmade stuff that I have to pinch myself not to buy ;)))
Also there is music to go with the wine so no worries ;) We have everything covered :p
Just look at that owl bag! It is adorable!!! The eyes of the owl make me just eat it alive ;))) And look at those earrings... I know... I should stop it but I do have a weakness with earrings and that is all due to a lady called JoAnne, who showed me handmade goodies and now I cannot stop... Shame on me!
We have also some good stuff for the boys ;) check out those swords and axes and slingers :) Come to think of it, I would not mind having a slinger myself ;))) don't ask what for! I am just a small child at a fair now, and I want everything colorful that I get my eyes on and I am not supposed to have :p
But when you get to Poland and you enter any market there is always one thing that you should not miss :) And that is the grilled cheese or, as Polish people call it, oscypki ;) It is mountain type cheese and it goes very well on the grill and with some fruit gem next to it. My fiance is madly in love with it ;))))
Just look at all those colorful toys!
Anyone has something to choose - be it food, be it sweets, be it jewelry/decorations/clothes/home objects that you need or you just simply want... and all are homemade and drag your eyes to look in a hundred directions at the same time...
Either way, time in a market like this passes by quickly and you have so many things you would like to take pictures of... but mostly I like just to watch the people and how they behave when they see the things they like :) I let go of the camera and just stay focused on what happens then and there... It feels more personal...
Look at those cute magnets made out of colored glass :)
I must admit I really liked the sunset (or maybe sunrise?!) painting of the tree... You can see it in the picture above. It was actually 3 paintings in one, attached to eachother... but the colors just made me stop & stare...
Me and my lovely half always like this stand of homemade painted ceramic pots and plates and other kitchenware. They look so nice they always put a smile on our faces. We especially like the teapots ;)
The Lady & The Birds
Original and colorful... it made me want them all ;)))
I really liked this stand of this lady :) she had hundreds of birds attached to her huge umbrella and she was also selling paintings of birds...
“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”
― Stephen King, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption: A Story from Different Seasons
Also I loved passing by the flower stand and seeing the autumn flowers made as crowns <3
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus
“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables 
But I must tell you that also that day/night I saw for the first time (yes, that was on the 23rd of October...) the letters in the square. They were formed as "Krakow Miasto Literatury UNESCO"...
Here is more info from the official site:
"The phrase: Krakow Miasto Literatury UNESCO (Krakow, a UNESCO City of Literature), formed from letters over a meter high, was put up in the Market Square yesterday. This way, the inhabitants of the city want to express their happiness with this honourable title Krakow received on Monday. Soon, the Market Square will be decorated with occasional flags, and special ribbons will be hung on the building of the Office of the City (pl. Wszystkich Świętych 3-4) and on the Town Hall tower. Posters with the slogan: I live in Krakow, a UNESCO City of Literature will be hung in the windows of bookshops in the Market Square and in the hall of the Krakow Book Fair."
"But there is more. Everyone who visits the Conrad Festival Centre at Pałac Pod Baranami or the Festival stand at the Krakow Book Fair (stand no. A28) by Sunday, will receive free special occasion postcards and badges.  You can already see an almost six-minute-long film created especially on this occasion, in which well-known figures of the literary world answer the question of why Krakow is a city of literature on the websites of the city and the friendly cultural institutions, and soon also on the UNESCO website."
"And finally: everyone who buys a special Festival T-shirt with Joseph Conrad’s portrait at the Festival Centre, will receive a canvas bag – of course with the following inscription: I live in Krakow, a UNESCO City of Literature."
"Krakow is the most recognisable Polish city in the world, the cultural capital of the country, a city of literature and poetry. In 1978, by the decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Krakow was inscribed on the first list of the most valuable objects in the world. The area including the Old Town, Wawel Hill, and the Jewish district of Kazimierz – the world’s second (after Prague’s Josefov) complex of Judaic monuments that is this large and valuable – came under protection. In order to emphasize the historical heritage and contribution to the achievements of world culture and civilisation, Krakow was honoured with the title of the European Capital of Culture of the year 2000."
"The city’s history is closely related to the life stories of the Polish Nobel Prize winners in literature. The Krakow Czas magazine featured episodes of popular novels by Henryk Sienkiewicz (Quo Vadis), winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905. Władysław Stanisław Reymont, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1924 (the author of The Promised Land and The Peasants received the award for lifetime achievement) often visited Krakow. The 1980 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, poet, prose writer, and essayist, Czesław Miłosz (The Captive Mind, Family Europe) selected Krakow to be his home in the last years of his life. Wisława Szymborska (Calling Out to Yeti, People on the Bridge), honoured with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996, spent most of her life in Krakow.
Apart from several dozen theatre, music, and film events, Krakow is the host of the most important literary festivals in Poland: the Milosz Festival and the Conrad Festival. Each year, eminent authors from all over the world come to Krakow, along with a select circle of Polish writers, poets, and reporters. These festivals have become a brand recognised in the world and a symbol of international celebration of literature. Meetings with authors are accompanied by academic conferences, debates, concerts, meetings with translators and publishers, and parallel to the Conrad Festival, another celebration of literature takes place in Krakow – the largest Book Fair in Poland. The list of events supporting the book market and promoting reading also includes the Book and Rose Malopolska Book Days, the Comic Book Festival, the Online One Poem Tournament, the 366 Poems in 365 Days workshops, The Second Life of a Book and the Multipoetry campaigns, and the Krakow editions of the national All of Poland Reads to Kids programme. The Free Reading Zones are also active here."
"Krakow is one of the largest Polish academic centres. 23 institutions of higher education operate here, including the oldest and the most important one –Jagiellonian University (Universitas Jagellonica Cracoviensis), established in 1364 as Studium Generale. After Prague University, it was the second university established in this part of Europe. More than 200,000 students a year study in Krakow, both in the broadly defined field of humanities and in the fields of technology and science. This way, the city attracts and retains talents in various disciplines."

Tell you the truth... I can see no reason why someone would not want to see Krakow at least once in their life :) It is a city of culture and it is a city in which you can also go out and have fun, at any hour, in any day of the week! There is always something new happening and also something interesting and educational... so... COME! ENJOY! And always TELL OTHERS! :)

**No one payed me to do this post, I did it out of the pure love I have for Krakow :) Especially its city center, where I always feel invigorated, no matter how bad my day was!**

Yours truly,
The Krakow Lover LadyBug :)

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