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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Remembering: Birthday With My Better Half

Dearest friends,

I did not get a chance to tell you about my bday... I got caught up with work and reports and wedding and other tiny things so I forgot to share with you pictures from the day I turned 18 :) (What?! Did you actually think I would tell you face off my real age?! A lady NEVER does that ;) She is eternally 18 until she has children and then she is "20 something..." after ;)))
But kidding aside, it was 100% a total different birthday than I was used to, but nonetheless it was a great one. My fiance was supposed to come back from his business trip from Helsinki on Friday late evening (25th) but as weird and unexpected things always happen, he was home in the morning (26th - my Bday). Theoretically he had a flight Helsinki - Berlin - Krakow but the second flight did not take off due to fog (that evening...) on the Krakow airport so he had to stay over night in Berlin :(
But - thank God! - he arrived safe on the day of my birthday, at around 11 am :) I was so happy to see him! You cannot imagine! I was not able to sleep properly the whole week without him next to me and especially the last night, when I knew he was half way yet stuck in a different country...
Of course he bought the postcards from Helsinki :) And here they are, shared with you. Also he bought a green <3 magnet for our fridge with Finland :) it is quite a cute one ;)
In love with flights  but not with Air Berlin who did not bring my fiancee in time! :/
As my fiance was on a business trip he had no time to move around the town and most of the time he was so caught up with work that I could barely find a moment to speak with him online :( So I normally missed him a lot and I hugged him terribly hard when he got home! But even though he had so little time to wonder about he still had time to find me a present  :)
And I sincerely love this present very very very much :) I love bags - especially shoulder bags (not the hand ones, as I have the tendency of bringing 100 things with me and it gets quite heavy...)! So he bought be a Robin Ruth bag - love the interior, it is so cheerful with it's white and red colours :) You can find them on FB HERE:) or on their store HERE ;)
So I am thankful for my lovely other half :) I am thankful that he was thinking of me daily, I was thankful for him coming into one piece home and I was thankful of the awesomely cute gift :) I loved the perfume that he gave me, I loved the green backpack (actually I am in love with it and I can hardly wait to wear it!!!) and I LOVE HIM! He is my biggest birthday present! And I was happy that he was there!
It was my first Bday actually spent just the two of us. It was odd and it was nice at the same time. Now don't consider me a spoiled brat, but I am used to having my Bday in the family, with my Mum/Dad/Sister/Grandparents/Aunts and Uncles around the table, laughing and having a good time and eating cake and drinking champagne VS. having the Bday out with friends, in a pub or either home, drinking and singing and dancing until we drop out of exhaustion. Well this Bday - as I said - was 100% different!
It was just US :) My Better Half & Me :) Watching a movie (yes, I got to pick and I choose "Love Actually" ;))) ) and eating awesome food (yes! Marek cooked and made his awesome spaghetti!!! I love them! They are my favourite food ever!) and just being the 2 of us :)
Of course we also had - before the dinner and the movie - a lovely walk out in the park as we had such awesome weather that it was impossible to stay outside!
Nope! I am NOT Smoking! It is my fiance's ciggy :p
Happy US, out for a walk :) Can you see how young I am? ;p
We also bumped into a patch of cute little mushrooms that were begging to be photographed ;)
And also some nice late Autumn flowers and a bunch of happy bumblebees running out and about, extracting all the sweet and juicy stuff from the cute little flowers :)
So... Voila! That was my Bday summed up :) Totally different than any other Bday I had but nonetheless very pleasant and happy and I must admit that it reminded me that all I want is to be next to The One I Love!

Yours truly,
The Older Wiser LadyBug :)

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