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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some Mulled Wine, Please!

Dear friends,

As I said yesterday, when the cold season comes, I will always order some mulled wine ;) And I must admit that one great place to drink great mulled wine is one of my fav pubs in Krakow: AntyCafe - yes, you heard be mentioning it before and yet I never reviewed it properly or show you pictures from inside... Well... friends, today is the day I will tell you more so sit tight and enjoy :)
Mmmmm... where should I start?! from the fact that they have an awesome site?! HERE you can check it out ;) Unfortunately it is only in Polish language but it is worth looking into it just for the pure design of it. AntyCafe is not such a popular place yet it is very hipster(ish) in the odd emo(ish) way... The music is not deafening and quite interesting and never pop or something your would hear everywhere but rather a mix or rock and grunge and odd various sound of the forest and city and life in general. The pub is placed over the highly popular, overcrowded club called JazzRock Cafe - which is a good thing, as in JazzRock the girls have free entrance ;) so if you are in a mood for dancing you can jump downstairs and move a bit and then go rest upstairs and have a chat with your friends in AntyCafe ;) You can never sit and talk in JazzRock as it is crowded and you cannot even drop a pin there + the music is loud and even if you scream you would not hear yourself well... AntyCafe is perfect for chilling out, listening to good/weird music and talking with your friends while sitting on a chair/couch and sipping on some mulled wine ;)
The AntyCafe is split into 2 parts - 2 big rooms with 2 huge bars - smokers vs. nonsmokers (each room with its separate bathroom that rarely runs out of toilet paper ;) and that always gets a huge plus from me!). The way the rooms look are hard to describe as on the walls there are handmade drawings and carvings in the wall and outside of the wall (including - in the smoking sector - a Han Solo in carbonite!!!). Each picture hanged on the wall is different and very disturbing... in a very artistic way (my fav is the hanger with the jacket for the people mentally insane... don't ask why!... you must come and see it for yourself!). The atmosphere of the pub always made me feel comfortable and I love the fact that they use the natural light and when it is too dark they put on each table candles - very romantic!
You need to try Ciechan if you go there ;) and especially Ciechan Miodowe (which is the honey beer). I know it sounds weird but just close your eyes and try it ;) Anyway they have a lot of types of beer in bottle and drought so you will not be disappointed ;)  We came after Halloween - 2 or 3 days after the party, the first weekend of November - and they still had the spiderwebs and the pumpkins on so it gave me this eery feeling, especially that outside it started to rain and we were the only customers at that time... (people tend to come later, and gather at around 7 pm...).
So I was very quick in taking some pictures while being lazy and sitting on the couch as my fiance was ordering the beer and the mulled wine. He went after that for a short smoke - as the smoking area was still closed at that time (what you see in the pics is the main room and it is the non smokers area!) - and I was waiting for our friends to come :)
But now let me present you the awesome mulled wine <3 Red wine mulled with fruits - nuts, apple, pumpkin seeds and raisins! Adorably sweet and tasty and filling with a lot of fruits that fill you up immediately! ;)
You really MUST try this is you come during the cold season ;)
And here is my awesome fiance with the honey beer that I told you of :) He is quite a huge fan of it ;)
And here I am with my beloved :p mulled wine and the spider webs above me :) Creepy, right?!
One of the paintings on the ceiling... makes me think of the hands of God somehow...
The awesome drinks ;) Yes... I forgot to tell it also had oranges inside ;)
I could not help taking a lot of pictures, even though it was at the light of the candle and my hand is not one of the steadiest ones ever, trust me ;)
But I must also tell you, dear friends, that I was having a dress that day ;) And I usually do not dress up in dresses... just at special occasions... so you will ask what the occasion was. Well it was Saturday and me and my awesome other half decided we would actually go and see (finally!) "The Lady With An Ermine" by Leonardo Da Vinci - which is now located at the Wawel Castle... well... just FYI the whole November you can see it for free, everyday, in the limit of tickets imposed by the administration per day. I thought I would do The Lady a curtsy and be a lady myself and wear a dress... unfortunately we were too late (after 12 I think...) and there were no more tickets... bummers! So we just said we would meet some friends for a drink. No worries! I will see her one day ;) It is on my To Do List ;)
**I made this review out of love for all the beautiful times I spent with my friends at AntyCafe and JazzRock - I was not payed in any way and these are my own opinions and feelings!**

Yours truly,
The AntyCafe Fan LadyBug ;)

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