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Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter Is Coming To Town

Dear friends,

From what I can see all over the media (be it Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr/Google+/Facebook and even on the blogs!) since the 31st of October (after Halloween and Thanksgiving...) there is an avalanche of information about Christmas:
  • How to do a perfect Christmas Tree
  • What decorations are "cool" this season
  • How to save money when buying presents
  • The perfect Christmas present for your mum/dad/friend/loved one/pet/neighbor... You name it!
  • The Winter/Christmas Wish List(s) - come one, who can help themselves into having just one!
  • The 12 Days Of Christmas/Giveaways - hey! I am in for those sisters! :)
  • The Winter is Coming!!! Posts with connections to GOT - we can never have enough of those ;)
  • How I Love/Hate/Am Neutral to Christmas Shopping
And the list could go on for ages... Tell you the truth, I started seeing the Galleries getting ready for "the season" - bringing out the warm lights and the Christmas trees and all the hip decorations - but they were all at the back of my head...
But last Tuesday - yes that was the "lucky Tuesday" - it hit me with a hammer. My lovely fiance and I entered the Galeria Krakowska on our way home to buy some more things from the supermarket and... Boom! there they were! Christmas lights everywhere! Hanging from the ceiling - not yet up and running... but still! Huge chandeliers of light, prancing their way into our life and shouting to us that Christmas is (indeed!) coming to town (you know... as the song was saying...).
Each year I go ahead and start listening to carols since my birthday (end of October) and everyone looks funny at me. This year is the first year I did not do that... I sincerely blame it on the freakishly weather. It is more like fall than winter. If it is winter I want it to be a Winter Wonderland! With snow covered trees and everything white... But as it is it was really hard seeing for example the AlmiDecor window (check the above pictures)... Everything so perfect and white and Christmassy and outside you have temperatures over 10 degrees Celsius...
Now I know that this is not the point of Christmas... and the trees and the presents and the whole madness is all about consumerism and such but once in a while it helps put a smile on peoples faces. And I like that! But I can't fake Christmas! And I do want some snow! Today is the 25th of November. In a month we will have Christmas and from what we can see at the weather forecast there is no flake to be spot... yet! :) I still have my hopes up and I hope that at the beginning of December the snow will start! And maybe I will even play a carol or two ;)
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Hoping For Snow...

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