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Friday, 27 December 2013

Just Another Sunday Afternoon - Belated Post

Dear friends,

Last Sunday seemed endless... We spent the weekend - starting late Friday until Sunday morning - at my husband's parents, at my husband's home :) I did not feel the hours/days passing by... when we got there we ate a bit and then started talking with his brothers who are working abroad and we do not get to see them that often. Saturday morning we went to Marek's biggest brother, who just opened a restaurant named Caverna and I took pictures of it in the morning - we settled that we need to come back one more time to take pictures of the food and the places with people in it also, as the opening is this Saturday! They have a Facebook Page since Sunday evening and you can see the pics I took uploaded there... I feel like I am a bit out of hand so I am not very proud of how they went, but well... c'est la vie! I would appreciate your feedback on them ;)
Saturday afternoon was spent with the little ones and I got to be called frequently "Auntie" which is very weird... yet I need to get used to this :) It is so adorable when they call me "Ciocia" ( = aunt, in Polish language) yet it makes me feel old... thank God I get to play with them and then I feel young again. This time the girls did Christmas cards for me and my husband - we need to find a special big box to put together all the drawings and the cards we have from them. They are all so adorable! And Maria gets better and better in drawing ;) and she now can write things by herself! :) I am a proud Ciocia!
In the evening we got to spend it again with my husbands brothers and the big brother - Pawel - and his adorable and funny wife - Kasia - got to practice their bartender skills as they prepared cocktails for all of us. Some of them were quite delicious and I tried to be a lady and not asked for more, even though the strawberry flavoured one was just to die for! 
In the morning my husbands little sister - Dorota, whom I may have mentioned before, or you may have seen pictures of ;) - who is in fact in her first year of University Studies, did breakfast for us. It was very very very good! We had scrambled eggs with fried onion and bacon cut in small pieces... It was delightful and we got to relax by watching some Tom & Jerry ;))) after that we hugged and kissed the girls and went off for Krakow. Surprisingly the road was clear and we got home really really fast... Took us around a hour and 40 minutes!
We walked home and we started unpacking and as my adorable husband watched sky jumping - his fav winter sport - I started doing laundry - a whole bunch of them piled up as I did not get to do that during the week - and added a few things to the Christmas Tree. We put the angels from both our mothers - the one made from fabric was a gift from my husbands mother on the day of our wedding and the other one, that lights up in different colors, is a gift from mum, given almost in the same period ;))) - and my cute husband said he would not eat - just yet! - the candy cane I brought him last week so he posted that as well in our tree :)
I also got to finish one really really really awesome Photographic Album our dear friend Pawel borrowed me. It had pictures of old Krakow - old pictures with old buildings... It was really interesting for me as I found out several things just by looking at that album! Things I can now share with my friends when they will be here and I will get to be their guide :p For example I did not know that actually in the Main Market Square there used to be bus stops and that the tram line used to go next to the Barbakan and via the street Florianska to the Main Square... no trace of that now! ;)
My Lovely Husband checking out a photo of a bridge that no longer exists - while on a sky jumping break ;)
And that is US :) on Sunday Afternoon :)
We topped everything up by watching in the evening 2 Harry Potter movies ;) - The Order Of The Phoenix and The Half Blooded Prince - which is always a beautiful way to end ones day/Sunday/weekend/week. We got to complain again on what a pussy - pardon my french! - Harry is and how without having Hermione and Ron and Luna and Neville he could not do a thing! We loved Ron having 2 ladies at once and Hermione being pissed over her love ;)) I know we are bad when we say that! We also loved Snape's amazing spell that he devised - Sectumsempra - and we enjoyed The Dark One's fight in The Order... sometimes I have a feeling that it was better even than The Last Fight... heh! Nerdy us :)
In another order, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :) Next to the ones you love and with good things on the table. With a lot of laughter and good memories for the years to come. I know we had! :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug and Pinocchio send you their love :*