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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Last Night As Miss

Dear friends,

Today I will share with you a few memories and thoughts about my last night as miss :) As you know by now, I got married to a wonderful Polish man on the 7th of December this year. We have the big party next year and the ceremony at the church so we did not want a lot of fuss. This ceremony was just for us in order to spend our first Christmas together as a FAMILY and not as a COUPLE. We really wanted to take this step a long time but as you know the paperwork was indeed a pain in the arse and it took longer than expected to get to this point.
When I was thinking about the wedding I had 2 witnesses in mind - one for the civil wedding and one for the church wedding. In both cases I wanted them to be 2 Polish ladies very dear to me. For the civil wedding I had one of my best friends here, Magda :) she was my witness and my husband had one of his brothers to sign the papers with us. She was surprised when I asked her - I dunno why?! :S - but she was happy and already started making plans. I wish you would all know her in person she is one of the sweetest ladies I met and we have been friends together even since I was in Romania - we worked on the same project, that is how we met :) she was an Incident Manager and I was 1st line.
She asked me more than 2 weeks before the civil wedding when I would like to have my bachelorette party (my hens party): before the civil or before the church ceremony. Or both! :p I did not want to go wild and the civil wedding was just for us and I did not tell loads of people - or else they would have wanted to come and there is always the space and time issue of taking care of everyone, as everyone is dear to me... We settled in having at the civil ceremony just our parents, my sister, my husband brother, Magda as my witness (and her lovely other half) and one of our best friends as the photographer and of course my pea in the pod - Dana :) oh! and I forgot the translator... So it was clear that nothing fancy was needed.
So I told Magda to stay calm and that we can do a bachelorette party before the big wedding but we could have now a small party between myself, my dear sister, her lovely lady, adorable and fearsome Ewa ;) + if possible Dana, if her plane would reach in time (and she did not manage to make it, as she managed to get in Krakow only at around 11 pm the day we had the party) + if possible Kasia, my kick arse lady friend who is living in Warsaw (guess what?! she got a cold and could not make it even for the ceremony :( even though she had the tickets ready... I miss her!).
And a small party was exactly what we did and what I needed. It was very relaxing and refreshing and we had a lot of fun together! I settled the meeting Friday evening, the 6th of December, at one of the best places in town to have hot choco ;) But you can read more about that HERE :) Nowa Prowincja is a very nice and cozy place and my husband booked a table for 5 (so we would have more space) for 7 pm.
I really did not feel the time passing by and I know we stayed more than 3 hours having fun, laughing and playing games created by my awesome witness Magda :) I was allowed to have the present (yes, it is the one in the green pretty bag but I can not show you it as it is more of a present for my husband ;) ) only if I would reply to all the questions that Magda had ready. If I would answer wrong, I would have to mime an action or a movie. That was very fun! :) especially for my sister and Ewa and Magda as they saw me struggling in a small place, making funny faces, and in the same time trying not to show off so that people around me would think I was having a seizure :p
Here are the questions:
  • What were you wearing when you met? What was she wearing when you met?
  • What will she say is her favourite part of your body?
  • What is your favourite part of her body?
  • What is the first thing you will say to her on the morning after your wedding?
  • What is your special song as a couple?
  • Who was the first person you told about her after you got together?
  • If she could throw away one item from your wardrobe what would it be?
  • Who will steal the covers? you or her?
  • What does she think is your most annoying habit?
  • What is her most annoying habit?
  • What will yor first fight as a married couple be about?
Now I shall not tell you the answers, as they are between me and my husband + the lovely ladies at my bachelorette party :p but I can tell you that this was very fun to do and very entertaining ;) And mime... I love the game... but for that you need space, and I was positioned as you can see above, behind a table so I could use only my hands and face expressions... I believe doing Mamma Mia was the hardest as they could not figure it out at first and then I knew they did but they kept playing with me acting like that have no clue... All the actions and the movies were in one way or another wedding related and it was really cute! :) Thank you again Magda :* you are adorable and kick arse :*
Yup! That is the most serious picture I could find!
Magda had some hummus and we had some apple pie and some brownies with whipped cream :) accompanied by some beer/gin tonic/hot tea. We behave properly and we were true ladies and noone kicked us out of the place and we are still allowed to go there again, so I consider this a success ;) We were settled not to show off and dance on the tables and we were proper young ladies ;)

**I did this post out of love and I was not payed to advertise Nowa Prowincja :) I see things I like and I show them to the world to see and to try and make your own opinion ;) **

Yours truly,
The Newly Wedded LadyBug