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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Pinocchio And The LadyBug

Dear friends,

Today I would like to show you a sweet thing I received last Friday - yes, the Friday before the wedding - from my family - that means my mum, dad, sister and my grandparents. Now I do not know how many of you have seen the sketch that I did for my husband - I did it when he was away on his first business trip to Finland - but he had it for a very long while as his profile picture on Facebook.
This is my sketch :)
I am the LadyBug and my husband is Pinocchio :) My mum got him the nickname and it just stayed :) the first time he went with me to Romania he got his nickname and when he was gone for Finland I was missing him so much that I wanted to make him smile. That is when I did the sketch of him and me, as Pinocchio and the LadyBug - not one of the best ones but I liked it and he did too! and that was the point ;)
Well my mum is a very creative and adorable person so what she did was a very personal Wedding Gift Card for me and Marek. She took my sketch to a person who is very good with drawing and made something very special that incorporated both the LadyBug and Pinocchio. The envelope was white and hard and made out of special drawing paper and had a small LadyBug on front holding another smaller envelope. In the smaller envelope when you would open it you would see a round and yellow smiley face :)
On the back on the envelope there was a cute and small Pinocchio head - you can see it above :) I just love this one as he looks very very very happy. Just have a look at his eyes and the corners of his mouth. He looks truly happy. And I wish my Pinocchio will be truly happy with me - for the rest of our lifes :)
Inside the envelope there was a handmade postcard with the same image of Pinocchio holding on his foot a small LadyBug :) Colored and better dressed than mine :p and the LadyBug here actually has a pink spotted dress ;))) She is just adorable! You should have seen me jumping up and down the room hugging and kissing mum and showing my husband the awesome card. Inside my parents and grandparents wrote to us and put us some money for the wedding - for which we are very happy and grateful :*
I have the best parents and the best sister and the best and most awesome grandparents in the whole wide world! And I love them. And I miss them. And I wish the distance would not be this long :( It sometimes hurts a lot to be so far but it was a choice I made and this choice brought me the love of my life. It brought to me my husband so I will never ever regret that :*

Yours truly,
With loads of love to my family :*
The LadyBug :)