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Monday, 9 December 2013

Quiet Time Before The Storm

Dear friends,

Everyone loves weekends! But I love them the most :p as that is when I get to spend quality time with my awesome Polish husband. We have a habit of always going out for a "short" walk and sometimes we top that with going out to one of our favorite coffee shops (and of course you know Bona ;) as you have seen the place here in so many pictures!). But last weekend (1st December) we had a special ocasion. As I told you yesterday, my husband sister came by with the wedding rings for this weekends wedding :)
We spent the afternoon with her but we also had a lovely evening with our friend Ewa :) She does not like pictures although she loves photography and taking pictures herself (mainly with the normal old-type camera with film inside). So this is why you will not get to see her today ;) She is a sweetheart and as I like to put it "she is a strong essence in a small bottle" ;)
So after splitting from my husband's sister we set up to find a nice coffee shop inside the Galeria. For me, there are only 2 possible selections: Starbucks VS. Coffee Heaven. And as you have figured out, I really like Coffee Heaven (I even have a customer card with them ;) so I am proud of that!). You know I wrote about them when Roxana was here - you can find the post HERE.
We found a cozy spot and I went inside to order and surprise my husband - I ordered for him a chili latte and for me the awesomely sweet gingerbread latte :) I can't help it! It is so delightfully sweet and addictive! and you will not feel any coffeine kick whatsoever but you will immediately become hyper ;))) One sugar rush coming up!
+ we had an awesome strawberry-cheesecake tart that was absolutely fresh and delightful! I highly recommend it! The cheese cream is smooth and just melts in your mouth and the upper part is fresh strawberries that really taste like strawberry not like grass! ;) and they are covered in a thin layer of strawberry jelly that is simply mouth-watering!
My awesome and adorable gingerbread man dipped in the foam ;)))
We had some time before we met with Ewa so we (ok! mostly me!) gobbled in the tart - not before being so nice as to do some picture for you ;) see! I am ALWAYS thinking of you! :*

You can find Coffee Heaven almost everywhere around the city and in each of the big Galeria ;) So pick a place - not one table or one couch is the same! - and get yourself some season goodies ;) and enjoy!
Le Sign ;)
My awesome fiance - back than - and my actual husband - right now - making faces :) Is he adorable of what?! And do you like the sweater?! I was looking for it for a very long while in multiple shops. I wanted something Christmassy yet serious :) and the patches on the elbows are adorable on him! I love him! <3 And yes! we did give ourself the Christmas presents early :p so what?! :p
Even the napkins are cute ;)
And now you will meet the newest addition to the family ;) The unicorn was bought on the same day by my husband (if you read yesterdays post you know where and when ;) if not, fo' shame!) and came with us for the latte. She had her tail her messed up so eventually I braided for her ;) and my husband helped me choose an appropriate name: Enigma! :)
Is it not a pretty name?! It makes me think of the song "Return to Innocence" by Enigma! And of the white horse from the video ;) And did you see the small heart tattoo on her adorable cute little arse?! My precious...
We had a very nice time with Ewa and she had some cider (with orange and cinnamon - quite delightful!) and an apple tart. After that we all 3 had a nice walk in the Krakow Planty and along the Christmas Market in the Market Square. If the wind was not blowing that hard it would have been perfect! But as it was I loved it nonetheless! It was my last weekend as a fiancee!
My lovely one making faces :)
3 brotherly Christmas trees in the Galeria :)
More details and pictures from the wedding will be coming very soon so sit tight, I shall be back! :*

**I was not payed in any way to do this post. As you have noticed, I really love Coffee Heaven! I did it out of love for my friends, as I wanted to share this lovely day with you :)**

Yours truly,
The Freshly Married LadyBug :)