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Monday, 2 December 2013

"Sweets" from Lilies and Fillies Boutique

Dear friends,

As you may have deducted by now - if you are following my blog for quite a while - I enjoy checking out other people blogs and entering giveaways when the final product seems appealing to my eye. The same happened with this lovely necklaces I have received just last week. They came from a lovely lady called Paula Singer, that has a very engaging and delightful site called "Lilies and Fillies Boutique"
I have won from the "Lilies and Fillies Boutique" a 50$ coupon that I could use in any way I wanted to. But there are so many lovely things on the site that it took me quite a while to figure out what to choose - tell you the truth it left me longing for a few retro dresses that would go nicely with the necklaces I eventually picked out. Who know?! Maybe I will come back for another order :p
The site is really easy to navigate and it loads up fast. You can access it HERE or you can check their Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest page and see what new things they have :) Every product is under 50$ and has a flat shipping rate (quote from their site: "We offer a flat rate of $5.00 on all orders up to $75.00, for Priority Shipping via USPS.  Shipping is FREE for orders over $75.00.  We offer international first class shipping for a flat rate of $18.00. You can read more about our shipping policies here!"). They are located in Springlee, Kentucky - USA - but they also ship internationally ;) so no worries!!!
They have both accessories - like scarves, hats, head wraps and gloves - and awesome jewelry that catches the eye - earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Also there is quite a wide range of dresses (they come unfortunately until size 12 which is considered as Large), tops and also bottoms :)
I have chosen 2 magnificent pieces of jewelry that can be considered as "statement necklaces":
  • The Multicolor Jewel Flower Necklace - with matching earrings - aproximately 14" length, 2" width, with a lobster clasp with 3" extender
  • Navy and Turquoise Statement Necklace - gorgeous navy, pink, and turquoise bib necklace, adorned with gold accents.  The perfect piece to dress up any solid top or dress.  Lobster clasp adjustable.
Now that was not all, as adorable as they are they came in a really nice package with white spotted with pink wrapper. It was delightful opening them up and catching the first glimpse of the necklaces. And Paula was a darling and also wrote to me a short letter (you can see it on the first photo) + enclosed a kind percentage off the next purchase :)
Navy and Turquoise Statement Necklace is definetely gonna be my truly beloved for my little black dress! And I can hardly wait to test them out at a party or maybe at a wedding :) It catches the eye but not in a negative "Marie Antoinette" way, especially if you wear them with a plain - one color - dress ;)
I really hope you enjoyed this post, I know I did :) And I would like to thank again Paula from "Lilies and Fillies Boutique" for this adorable and colorful package. She is a pleasure to work with and if you have any problems with the international shipping option let her know and she will fix it in a jiffy! (she did it for me and she was delightful to be in contact with!)

**I was not payed in any way to do this review - I did it out of love for my awesome friends that might like to buy something similar from "Lilies and Fillies Boutique"**

Yours truly,
The Lucky LadyBug