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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Ghost Of Christmas Future

Dear friends,

In order to lift the spirits that I may have sunk in the past two days with my posts I promise that today I shall be thankful and cheerful. I shall be a bundle of joy and present life and the future in the brightest colors possible... Not truly how the Spirit of Christmas Future presented things to Scrooge but I think you caught the point by now...
"Ghost of the Future," he exclaimed, "I fear you more than any spectre I have seen. But as I know your purpose is to do me good, and as I hope to live to be another man from what I was, I am prepared to bear you company, and do it with a thankful heart. Will you not speak to me?" - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
I will not show you your own death and your own grave and tell you to ponder upon the meaning of your life and how you act and what you say and your relationship with other people - although I do believe we should all keep that in mind! - but I will rather tell you what I wish in the new year to come and what I think of the future Christmas...
*DISCLAIMER: The photo's posted in this particular post were all gathered in time and sorted in separate folders under my Pinterest Page that you can access all the time :) Drop by and add me to your list ;)
This New Year that comes knocking at our doors brings to me and my husband the Church Ceremony and the Wedding Party... We know the location for both but that is basically it :) We have some details still pending but we prefer to lay low and keep quiet until everything is confirmed. But as you well know The Date is 9 August 2014 - the actual birthday date of Mihaela ;))) I have a general idea on how the wedding should look like (the 2 pictures allow you to catch a glimpse of what is in my mind related to the dress I am going to wear down the aisle) but I know for a fact (and also due to the countless weddings and dress fittings I have been to for my friends) that this may change as dresses are different for each body type/body build and one must try on several dresses until The One is found... Sincerly speaking it feels like an iceberg and thank God for Pinterest!
When it comes to how the wedding would look like... well... I have no clue! I just know it will be white and green but further then this I could not tell... If we would have done the party in Romania I would have know where and when and how to do it all but here in Poland I feel lost in this topic. I have been to only 2 wedding here and one was 100% traditional and one was 100% new wave, done in a club :) so I have seen both sides in the tale. We know what we do not want and what we liked on both weddings and at least I have a starting point into knowing what weddings are like here :) But I know my husband will be in a lot of pain with the organising as he is the only one speaking the language... so I will say yes to everything :) But I know I would like a greenish fairy bouquet (like the one above) and I am thinking of handouts or just pieces of paper like the one above put on each plate in order to encourage friends to take pictures :)
Fast forward to having our own place... We wish to buy an apartment, our very own place that we can call home, with 3 rooms - one for us, one for guests and one for the little ones that will come :) I can hardly wait for the time in which we will get to pick the room colors and the pieces of furniture and the spots and lighting bulbs ;)) One thing I surely hope for in our home is one piece of furniture similar to the vintage pieces above - are they just perfect and to die for, or what?! with a lot of drawers of all sizes and with that old look and feeling about it. Something strong and beautiful, a piece of furnature that your kids would fall in love with and they would use it as a treasure chest ;)))
I wish for many Christmasses to come to be next to my husband (+in time, our children +their other halfes +hopefully, their kids as well!) and to love and respect eachother at least as much as we do know. I want cold and snowy Christmasses with warm hearts around a cup of tea or hot choco, I wish for a lot of Christmas Trees to be decorated together as a family, I wish for kind hearts and happy times... I guess we all wish for that, don't we?! Now what must we do?! Go into the world and share the Christmas Spirit each day :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug who met The Spirit Of Christmas Future