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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Dear friends,

I am the Spirit of Christmas Past. I am here to show you the shadows of things that have happened. Look back beyond the gulf of vanished years...
Cupcakes Made By A Pea In The Pod :)
As long as I can remember I have always loved Christmas with all my heart. I don't know if it is foolish of myself, but I consider myself as Tiny Tim - I consider that we should always keep Christmas in our hearts all year round. That way people would be merrier and they would smile more and feel more at peace - well at least those who do not go crazy about buying the whole shop or those who leave things to be done at the last moment. Thankfully enough both me and my lovely husband cannot stand to wait for present opening on Christmas day so we already switched presents on the 30th on November in the afternoon ;)) of course that does not mean that in the meanwhile other presents/gifts did not happen... that is just how we roll... We finished buying presents for family and close friends somewhere in the middle of November and the wrapping was done on the 16th of December... Time is a relative thing... Why not have Christmas all year round?! I always loved to give presents... to buy them and to give them off. Most of the times I did not even get a chance to wrap them, but rather take quickly the price tags off and surprise the person I loved :) I think God wants us to be happy not just one day a year but whole year long. We just feel the need to be miserable and complain... I try not to but sometimes trying is not succeeding...
Last year both me and my husband - my fiance back then ;))) - has a trip home, to Romania, to Iasi... We stayed for 2 wonderful weeks that passed by so fast... but I was happy to spend both Christmas and New Year with my family and my friends from there. We had the most awesome Christmas Dinner - actually it was a Christmas Lunch that extended in a Christmas Dinner... my Granny's cooking is just legendary and I hope that one day I will be at least half as awesome as she is :) Tell you the truth, even my husband agrees with that ;) If my Granny would be younger and he would have met her first, he would have proposed to her :p ... My family is very important to me and I remember Christmas Dinners ever since I was a wee lass... believing in Santa Claus and waiting patiently every Christmas to see what he brought me... I would always write him a truthful letter in which I would say if I was bad or if I was good - I would always try to make it sound as if I was an angel... - and along with my very talented sister and my older cousin we would stage a family event... a Christmas Show... where the 3 of us would play the accordion (ok ok... I admit it! I never played... I have 2 left hands!), sing Christmas carols (well at least I kicked arse at that one!) and recited poems in order for Santa to come :) (as you can see, we were taught with public speaching ever since we were small...)... I would ask Santa for sweets and for Barbie dolls and for gifts also for my sister and my parents and my grandparents... I would never forget to include them in... When we were very very very little either Dan (yes, Miha's Dan) or our Doctor or even my mum would dress up as Santa and give us the presents... Hey! We were small... we never figured that one out... But when we grew up and started asking questions it was harder and my parents and grandparents had to devise tricks to get us out of the room or even the house to get presents in and then tell us that Santa had to leave fast in order to get to the other kids... I cannot remember the specific date/year and such when I found out that Santa was indeed not true but I remember being sad, and until this day I still maintain a ferm position that Santa is indeed real :) (It is better that way for my child heart!). 
When I started to understand what Santa was all about and I could put money aside to buy things I started buying presents as well.. If I would see something that someone in the family might have liked I would try and buy it... but I was also a pain in the arse... I took the accounting genes from my Grandfather and if my sister would borrow money from me I would make her sign a contract and pay interest. My Grandfather - I think - always thought that being in a bank would have been perfect for me... I always took great care of the money I had and always put it aside for rainy days - which usually ment trips with the family or special ocasions. When I grew up more I started to change the style of gifts from what I thought was nice for my family to something that the people I loved really wanted/needed. With my sister it was always an easy target for me to go shopping for  :) She loved make-up ever since she could get her hands on lipstick and eyeshadow... I on the other hand have 2 left hands and I am eating lipstick constantly... My mum would enjoy a good perfume or a good book & for my Granny I would buy my fav perfume (we always had similar tastes...) or a warm shawl or some really good tea/tea-set :) ... 
As time passed I realised that Christmas is actually less about presents - although those come in handy and are awesome as well ;) - but rather about family and about love and about togetherness and about life. I loved going caroling ever since I was small. I used to go to the close family friends and our neighbours - with my sister and cousin... Sometimes we would walk through piles of snow, we would walk and we would fall on ice and laugh freely and with all our hearts... We would sing as best as we could and we would come home with the traditional nuts and pretzels and apples and oranges + the extra money on the side... and our family would be proud! :) As I grew up I started to sing in the church choir... and Christmas was not about taking but rather about spreading the news that Christ was born that day and that through him we have life and light and we should be thankful... I became more and more aware that actually I am happy and thankful to have my sister by my side (even though she is a pain in the arse from time to time I love her with all my heart and I am proud of her, of following her own dreams and career!), to be able to hug and love my parents for all the things that they offered me with all their hearts, to have role-models like my Granny and my Grandfather from my mum's side... who raised both me and my sister until we went to 5th grade... I am thankful for my friends whom I gained in time, I am even thankful for the friends I lost... I am thankful that I have a soul sister, my little pea in the pod, named Dana (yes, of course you heard of her ;) and you will hear more of her each time I get a chance!)... She is the reason of the picture above... That picture was made and posted on my Facebook wall this very day last year... When Dana baked some awesome muffins/cupcakes and sprinkled them with her fairy dust magic and made one with my name... Christmas is about love... and love grows in time... grows strong through the memories one has... and I am thankful that I have many beautiful memories of my family, my friends... they are shadows that will stay with me until the end of my days. Until the end of time!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug who talked to The Spirit Of Christmas Past...