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Friday, 6 December 2013

Two Peas In A Pod

Dear friends,

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me but today I wanna tell you something more about a special and dear person to me. A girl who brightened up my life by prancing into it, a lady that will come today especially from Germany to be with me morrow as I shall take on one of the biggest steps in my life. This ladies name is Dana - Daniela :) and she is my soul sister. Since we both met we felt a connection happening and in time we became like two peas in a pod - and yes, that is Dana's saying of our relationship :) I like to say we are kindred spirits, like Anne of Green Gables would put it ;)
Each time I look back and try remembering when we first met it all comes out a blur... tell you the truth I am not that good with dates so I double checked with my ever faithful FB and the Relationship on this magical tool that we both use (and Dana even studied) stated that we first made friends somewhere in November 2008 - so more than 5 years ago! I thought they were more, I swear! huh! But I do remember meeting Dana the first time at the University - at the Faculty Of Economics And Business Administration. She was part of the last generation of students finishing 4 years of faculty + 1 year of Master Degree & I was part the first generation of students finishing 3 years of faculty + 2 years of Master Degree. We were both with the Marketing specialty and I was - I think! - somewhere in my second year of studies.
November 2009 - Someone's (**wink*wink**) Bday :)
Since then we started bumping into eachother and eventually we ended up going out for a cup of tea or a movie together :) the meetings got more and more often as our friendship developed and we realised we love similar topics + we have our own temperaments and wishes and desires that even though they never were 100% similar they still got us closer and closer. We both made the choice of our heart by joining the Marketing section and going through it - and to this day I will not admit something different than the fact that Marketing is the best section that the Faculty has to offer! The professors are brilliant and demanding and the students who are there really want to be the best and there is this competitive spirit always roaming about. We both love books and movies and jumping into a coffee/bookshop and staying there for hours and hours and discussing everything from the color and form of the tea cups to the books surrounding us to the movie that we were planning to see. We both love travels and opportunities and being our own masters of our life and choosing our own way and our own track - I have gone to Poland and she went to Germany :) She studied at University of Cologne - Marketing still, of course! and I am proud of her!
She is a bright and witty lady, her mind is as sharp as a knife and things that would separate one from another always made us come closer and closer. I am proud to say that my first trip to Rome (and of course to the Vatican City!) was done with this lovely lady - and it was in 2010, during the Easter time (the Catholic one ;) so I got to celebrate it twice, for the first time in my life!). We even got to see the Easter Mass at the Vatican and hear Pope Benedict XVI say live his blessing in multiple languages (including Romanian!). Sincerly speaking that was one of the best and most funny trips I had outside borders and Dana's mum (who was there with us) was a sweetheart :) and I know now how Dana came to be such a sweet lass :* (Love you Dana!!!)
She was kind enough to go with us and take all the million pictures we wanted to have everywhere - and I can be a pain in the arse when it comes to taking millions of pictures, I admit! But come on! We went sightseeing, we went shopping and we went for hot chocolates and we actually had the time of our lifes. A special moment for me - and I believe for us - was the small picnic at the Borghese Gardens where we made the most cutest pictures ;)))) and we had an adorable picnic on the grass... I wish one day we will do that again, cara Dana :)
I admit Dana and I are cut from the same piece of cloth... we feel so at home together that I am never afraid to say what I think to her. A lot of people came to visit me here in Krakow and while at home my fiance met a lot of my friends but out of all the people into my life that he met until now he also agrees that Dana is the closest to my soul. Heck! We go like biscuits and butter! Like peas and carrots (the baby carrots ;) ok?!)! Like icecream and apple pie! Like Thelma and Louise ;))) but we are much nicer! :p She makes me smile and laugh like none can. I light up from inside and each time I see her my face just shifts into a huge smile and I wanna hug her the next instant!
We both lead and we both follow. We both support eachother and we both speak our minds. And that is how a true friendship should be - both voices should be loud and clear yet intertwine and create strong connections. We have seen eachother without make up, we have seen eachother unshowered, we have seen eachother early in the morning and late in the night, we have seen eachother happy and we have comforted eachother when sad. We shared dreams and we shared hopes. If there is one thing I am truly grateful is the family and the friends I have. But let us face it, the family one does not choose yet the friends each person picks according to their wants/needs/opportunities & roads taken in life. I was blessed with an awesome family but I always was searching for acceptance and for love also outisde the family borders - come on! your family will always tell you that you are awesome/kick arse/the best. And my friends give me that! they give me trust in myself and make me believe I can grow wings if I put my mind into it! I always found it rather funny that my sisters best friend name is Anda and my best friends name is Dana... (yes, that's right! My sisters name is Dana. What are the chances?! I mean, statistically I truly believe Dana would figure that out also as she is kick arse when it comes to statistics and SPSS) - should I take that as a sign from God that we were ment to meet one another?!
Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ― Albert Camus
If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.” ― Alfred Tennyson
What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ― Aristotle

February 2013 @ Wawel Cathedral
Now I have to admit I thank God for my family and friends and I thank God that this lovely lady is coming today to visit me for the weekend. She has been this year in Krakow (in February) and I got to have a few days off just between the 3 of us - yes, that is my awesome fiance included, as she came to meet him as well ;) We had breakfasts with donuts and shots of sweet sour cherry goodies, walks in the city and visiting swans, short pretzel snacks, castle visits, lunch breaks with pierogi, museum round-ups and evenings "at the mansion" with delightful food prepared by my fiance and loads of laughter and good will. Today my beloved pea is coming... she is coming from over 1000 km... she is coming to see me and my awesome fiance taking the next step :) she is coming to be next to me as she said she would :)
I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful God brought into my way, down my path, people I could connect to in this way. I am thankful Dana is one of them. I am thankful that she decided to stay and stick around in my life. I am thankful that even though I barely see her face to face one in year we are still together and we did not change. Maybe time changed us but our friendship never did.
Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Yours truly,
Your Pea In A Pod - The LadyBug