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Saturday, 7 December 2013


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Officially today I will no longer write on this blog about my fiancee but about (insert drumrolls...) My Husband! Or maybe I shall call him Mr. M. ;))) That sounds funny yet also very enigmatic and mysterious and very much what Anne Of Avonlea would think of life and the perfect man ;))))
I fully agree with Anne and I believe - even though so much time has passed between our stories/lives - that somehow we were also kindred spirits :) But coming to the point of this post... after a pre-proposal and quite an extensive engagement :p we both realized that what we really wanted was to spend this Christmas as a family. We wanted to spend this Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. :) As I said... little things in life matter the most ;)
And what we knew is that on the 9th August next year we will have the church ceremony + the wedding party in Poland... still that was way off and that would mean one more Christmas... So what we did was fight with bureaucracy and paperwork and for almost half a year we went to Romania for some papers, to Warsaw to the Romanian Embassy to get some other papers, to Krakow in various locations for even more papers... but on the date of October 10th, we managed to apply for the civil wedding which happened today :) Yes, my friends! We are officially a family: Mr. & Mrs. :)
There are no pictures from today :p at least not yet :p I shall torture you just a bit longer ;) But I am showing you these 2 quick pics taken by my phone camera on the day we put the papers and we had to sign papers and have the interview as a couple. Mr. M. was stressed so he had the last smoke to calm down ;) and this is me, waiting outside the doors of the interview room, waiting for the translator :) Now I shall leave you in peace, as I will be busy today with family, friends and enjoys my first day as Mrs. Oh, that sounds so odd!!!
I need to get used to it and change my emails and addresses and my ID, and my passport... more paperwork on the way, as you can see ;) but I mind not! I am in love with this awesome Polish man I just married today :* Kocham cie Mr. M!!!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Family :)