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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

White Roses From A White Heart

Dear friends,

Sometimes friendship can extend beyond time and age and borders. That is what I love about friendship. True friendship contains love and as we all know, love is enduring and lasts forever (and a day! as I like to put it...). I remember my childhood and there is one friendship that stands out for me: Mihaela's & Dan's. They were my mothers good friends and they worked in the same place. We used to go out with them and they had the cutest white fluffy dog ever, that I was allowed to pet and play with :) Mihaela loved me since the first moment she saw me - as per my mum's comments ;) She recalls a funny story with me being really really really small and going together (mum and I, in her arms) to the market in order to buy some goods for me and my sister. She met on the way Mihaela and asked her is she would hold me while she quickly runs around the market for the things she needed. Of course sweet Miha said yes and took me into her arms. Well... I (since I was a wee lass, newborn and such...) am very much a people person so I immediately stuck to her like a leech (I know that is not the nicest thing to say so I beg your pardon!). But I must tell you - in case you did not figure that one out! - that I was and still am very very very attached to my mother, so even though I knew Miha and I loved her ever since I first saw her, I got panicked for not seeing my mum, so I started yelling my lungs out (and trust me, when I yell I YELL!). She had to quickly improvise and fed me with a full bag of "pufuleti" (dunno the English term for that as the food is so very typical Romanian...). Each time I would try to scream she would stuff one in my mouth and I would eat it quietly... I think I rather enjoyed that! :)))
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ― Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934
Mihaela and Dan now live in Canada and multiple times they asked me to come there to visit at least. I miss them terribly but I could not leave my family and now I cannot leave my husband. Plus the distance seems so big... I would be an Ocean away... Across the big pond... So Europe is enough for me ;) But as you know in 2007 I worked and travelled in the USA and when I was there they got to visit me :) That was indeed much fun as we spent almost a weekend together. I know that Miha also did this for mum, to tell her how I am doing and I hope both of them were proud of me! :)
After our wedding, the day my parents and my sister left, Monday 9th of December, I received a call and a lady brought to my door at precisely 4:45 pm  a huge bouquet of wonderful and big and pretty white roses. I knew exactly from whom they were from and both me and my husband instantly had a wide smile on our faces. We were tired and all we needed was a rest but when we saw the white roses we knew that they came from 2 white hearts that even though they could not be with us on Our Day in a physical manner, they were indeed with us in the same spirit :*

Thank you so much again Miha & Dan! And hope to see you very very very soon! :*

With loads of love,
The LadyBug & Pinocchio